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Book review and technical detail LICK-IT MAN Camille Carida

Technical detail of LICK-IT MAN
author Camille Carida
Language English
Category Contemporary Women, Love, Sex & Marriage, Humor, Contemporary Women, Comics & Graphic Novels, Humor & Entertainment,
Publisher Rogue Wave
Pages 65
Publishing Date 13th November, 2014

Book Reviews:

After a radioactive lollipop turns Beaver Sparker into LICK-IT MAN, women all across the globe are empowered with “enlightened orgasms” and men have the perfect role model. Author Camille Carida creates a hilarious, smart, and sexy laugh out loud full-color 65 page graphic novel. Beautifully illustrated by Marvel and DC Comics artist Joe Quinones, this award-winning ebook is a playful and twisted comedic take on the superhero genre combining bawdy sexuality, tongue in cheek humor, and tinges of political satire.

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