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Book review and technical detail TOPSY TURVY OCEAN ~ Wes Magee , illustrated Tracey Tucker

Technical detail of TOPSY TURVY OCEAN ~
author Wes Magee , illustrated Tracey Tucker
ISBN 119290
Language English
Category Children's and Teen
Publisher QEB Publishing
Pages 24
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

A set of unabashedly surreal marine mix-ups designed to inspire young rhymesters.Rhymes—not always exact ones—definitely trump logic as well as metrical regularity in these boisterous quatrains. Plunging in without preamble, Magee opens with an octopus who “likes / to cook and trot, / but its tentacles are / tied up in knots!” He then goes on to introduce a variety of oddly occupied sea and land animals, along with King Neptune (brown of skin in Tucker’s appropriately uproarious illustrations) wearing “a fried egg for a crown.” Gaggles of diversely hued mermaid shoppers, purple-winged sirens, and half-human sea horses follow, in settings ranging from a sunken ship with a treasure of “elephants, emus, and eyes!” to a submerged street scene featuring anglerfish wearing “false teeth and lipstick / when out for the night.” The co-published Topsy Turvy Animals features like rhyme-driven randomness in a series of likewise colorful but land-based hullaballoos. Both outings close with general suggestions for getting children to craft poems, and perhaps pictures, of their own. Droll invitations to craft silly verse, though somewhat constrained in creative scope as the examplars are all written on the same template. (Picture book/poetry. 6-8)

Something is upside down in this Topsy Turvy land. What will be next? Step inside and let your imagination go wild. Full of bizarre and curious scenes to spot and discover. With fun facts about the animals' real habitat and behavior, this series blends fact and fiction with hilarious results. Supporting material at the back of the book provides ideas and activities to further develop creative writing and comprehension skills.

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