LEAD OR LAG ~ Linking Strategic Project Management and Thought Leadership

LEAD OR LAG  ~ Linking Strategic Project Management and Thought Leadership

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Book review and technical detail LEAD OR LAG ~ Linking Strategic Project Management and Thought Leadership Moira Alexander

Technical detail of LEAD OR LAG ~ Linking Strategic Project Management and Thought Leadership
LEAD OR LAG ~ Linking Strategic Project Management and Thought Leadership
author Moira Alexander
ISBN 119224
Language English
Category Business & Economics
Publisher Lead-Her-Ship Group
Pages 216
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

A abundant handbook delivers admonition on accretion the focus and ability of aggregation projects in the business world. Alexander’s album admission concentrates on aggregate endeavors—on unlocking the hidden abeyant in the activity administration access that businesses of all sizes use every day. The columnist likens the abstraction of administering business after a bright action to active a car while blindfolded, advancement that bright operational cerebration is basic to accepting annihilation done in the accumulated world. The aggregate of the book is adherent to the abounding aspects of creating and implementing business plans—the mistakes that abounding companies accomplish and the solutions Alexander and added “thought leaders” in the acreage accept developed to abstain those errors and accommodate best after-effects for “stakeholders” and others anxious with activity outcomes. The book’s capacity attack to breach bottomward with step-by-step accuracy the things that able activity managers do. Business-world readers advancing to Alexander’s text, with its neologisms and amaranthine appellation abbreviations (KPI for key achievement indicators, BPI for business action improvements, PMI for Activity Administration Institute, PMM for activity administration methodologies, etc.), should acknowledge the clear, abstruse cerebration in these pages. Those readers are acutely the book’s advised audience, as around all of the credibility fabricated throughout are couched in bulletproof business-speak that will be incomprehensible to outsiders. “Great anticipation leaders should consistently strive against accepting beforehand acquaintance and assorted options as able-bodied as actuality as abundantly able to accept activity strategies that absolutely adjust with company-wide strategies,” readers are told, for example, and “Process breakdowns and commitment deficiencies can become a absoluteness if able change administration is not factored into activity outcomes.” Such gibberish walls off works like this one from entry-level, nonbusiness readers. But those in its ambition demographic should acquisition affluence actuality to absorption them, decidedly the accent the columnist places on planning and on the acute role of activity managers in architecture the appropriate teams to backpack proposals to completion. “Not every activity is a need,” Alexander writes, “some will aloof be wants.” This is a short, acicular book about cogent the difference. A step-by-step, concept-by-concept access to authoritative accumulated endeavors work.

For businesses of any size, industry, demographic, structure, product or service to become fully successful, strategic project management must always stay within focus. Project and company leadership at the helm should remain informed, innovative, and strive to keep the business in a ready state for transformation in order to continually and successfully leverage all the best strategic options. For projects to optimally enable business activities, the short and long-term business strategy must be the primary focus. Being a thought leader means maintaining an open mind and practicing continuous and deliberate improvement, innovation, and transformation, while also leveraging the best available forward facing project options. WHAT'S COVERED? Business strategy & transformation, thought leadership, the role of project management, human resource elements, remote PM, methodologies, change management, PM software and KPIs. WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR Written by a media recognized project management and leadership expert, this book is for thought leaders seeking insight into senior level strategic aspects of leadership, planning, processes, career, and resource topics. The book serves as a high-level go-to-guide for anyone involved in or interested in business strategy and transformation, project management or leadership. For: • C-Suites • business owners • HR specialists • recruiters • PM educators • leadership coaches • students and candidates • stakeholders • consultants • anyone interested in strategy or PM For those who choose to lead....not lag.

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