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Book review and technical detail 'YOU'RE OKAY, IT'S JUST A BRUISE' ~ Robert Huizenga

Technical detail of 'YOU'RE OKAY, IT'S JUST A BRUISE' ~
author Robert Huizenga
ISBN 106676
Language English
Category Entertainment & Sports
Publisher St Martins Pr
Pages 326
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 The above internist for the NFL's Los Angeles Raiders tells it like it is in this agreeable muckraker's adviser to the business of pro football. For over 30 years, the Raiders accept been the outlaws of their sport. Huizenga, who was with the aggregation from 1983 to 1990, chronicles how this bold devours its young. The NFL proudly boasts that football appearance the biggest, fastest, and toughest athletes in the world. But, according to Huizenga, abounding players are emotionally immature, awkward galoots who acquiescently corruption themselves by ingesting performance-enhancing and painkilling drugs while blank the accessible consequences--a actuality underscored by abhorrent linemen Charley Hannah's assertion, fabricated to Huizenga and some teammates over banquet one night: ``We're authoritative too abundant money, we're accepting too abundant of a acceptable time. They're activity to accept to annoyance me off the freaking acreage blame and screaming.'' Abundant of Huizenga's account revolves about his relationships with players, including stars Marcus Allen (whose abhorrence to accident austere abrasion landed him in aggregation buyer Al Davis's doghouse), the backward Lyle Alzado (one of the game's best belled steroid abusers), and Bo Jackson (who abiding an abrasion that concluded his football career and now plays baseball for the California Angels). However, the best anarchic passages are aloof for Huizenga's abounding clashes with Davis and his amateur aggregation orthopedist, Dr. Robert Rosenfeld, whose common adjournment of potentially crippling injuries provides the book's title. Huizenga illustrates why Davis is a abomination amid the NFL's owners; his mantra, ``Just win, baby,'' embodies his crass alienation to players' concrete and affecting pain. While occasionally melodramatic, Huizenga keeps his blame in check, generally acceptance Davis's alarming accomplishments to allege for themselves. Although abounding of Huizenga's revelations are old news, dank account about the Raiders consistently gets tongues wagging. Fans attractive for article to canyon the time amid autumn Sundays could do a lot worse than apprehend this no-punches-pulled tell- all. (First press of 60,000; columnist tour)

Along with other sideline secrets, the former L.A. Raiders' doctor reveals the occupational hazards of caring for angry 290-pound linemen and the compromises made for a management that only wants to win. National ad/promo. Tour.

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