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Book review and technical detail WINTER RAIN ~ Terry C. Johnston

Technical detail of WINTER RAIN ~
author Terry C. Johnston
ISBN 116390
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher Bantam
Pages 419
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 Prolific Johnston's (the Son of the Plains series; The Plainsmen series) eyes of the West continues--grim, bleak, and unrelenting--in this aftereffect to Cry of the Hawk (1992). Having been reunited with his daughter, Hattie, appropriately called Jonah Hook still charge acquisition his two sons and his wife, Gritta. Jonah's ancestors had been ahead abducted from their Missouri acreage by Mormon brigands while he was off with Johnny Reb angry Indians in the West as a ``galvanized Yankee.'' Now, afterwards several adamantine years, Jonah is hot on the aisle of abductor Jubilee Usher and his ``Avenging Angels.'' Poor Jonah loses the scent, though, back Brigham Young disavows Usher and banishes him afore Jonah arrives in Salt Lake. So, sided by Shoshone Two Sleep, he wanders bottomward to Sonora and after arctic up to Texas's Llano Estacado analytic for his sons, whom he learns the Comanches accept taken. (This over several added years.) Meanwhile, Jonah's mentor, old-time abundance man Shadrach Sweete, is aloof for the army hot in following of Tall Bull's Cheyenne. Among them is Sweete's son, High-Backed Bull, who's affidavit to annihilate his ancestor because he detests his white half. Johnston, injecting affluence of gunsmoke and violence, absolute and imagined, into his work, makes the clairvoyant buried to absolute battles (Adobe Wells, etc.), all the added absorbing because they're depicted mainly from the Indian point-of-view--plus alehouse brawls, Indian pony raids, etc. Gritta is not recovered, authoritative way for addition installment. Realistic, full-fleshed characters and activity permeated with the rank aroma of grease, the crepitate of saddle leather, the screams of the dying and wounded. No surprises lie in wait, though, for those accustomed with Western history and events.

After returning to his Missouri farm from a Union prison to find his wife and children abducted, ex-Confederate Jonah Hook journeys West to find his wife enslaved by a religious fanatic and his sons being raised by the Comanche.

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