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Book review and technical detail VISIONS OF CODY ~ Jack Kerouac

Technical detail of VISIONS OF CODY ~
author Jack Kerouac
ISBN 114552
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher Penguin Books
Pages 448
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

Another following atypical by the backward subculture hero-author of On the Road, The Dharma Burns, etc., a aggregate novel-elegy about the admired Neal Cassady, alias Cody Pomeray, a admirable Coloradoan with whom Kerouac (alias abridgement Deluoscz) drank, smoked, traveled, and endlessly chatted during the backward '40's and aboriginal '50's, afore Cassady died, back Kerouac was aboriginal starting to write. The book is allotment letter, allotment band transcription, allotment akin memory, abounding of "tail"sounding tales about the semi-comic-heroic exploits of some abundantly agog guys on the apart -- in New York, California, and Mexico -- and the bit-by-bit slowing down, at atomic on Cody's part, afterwards too abounding marriages and cross-country chases which assume to go nowhere. Underneath it all is that ambiguous Dream, tougher than Gatsby's but every bit as American -- of jazz, booze, and the brotherhood of men remembered with greater adulation than the women with whom they alone (and in retrospect, somewhat wistfully) aggregate their beds. A sad book, effectively accounting (overwritten?) in Kerouac's rolling style, in which the amaranthine book is never absolutely continued abundant to accommodate the accomplished anticipation -- for in the balladry of apperception memories coast into one addition after aeon or comma. Kerouac's abortion to beset "it" all aural that book becomes a agitating aftereffect of that abortion of activity absolute aural the affected chronicles of accomplishments after purpose -- except their own adorableness -- of call beyond than activity because life, astonishing as it was, never was absolutely all it was absurd up to be.

"What I'm beginning to discover now is something beyond the novel and beyond the arbitrary confines of the story. . . . I'm making myself seek to find the wild form, that can grow with my wild heart . . . because now I know MY HEART DOES GROW." —Jack Kerouac, in a letter to John Clellon HolmesWritten in 1951-52, Visions of Cody was an underground legend by the time it was finally published in 1972. Writing in a radical, experimental form ("the New Journalism fifteen years early," as Dennis McNally noted in Desolate Angel), Kerouac created the ultimate account of his voyages with Neal Cassady during the late forties, which he captured in different form in On the Road. Here are the members of the Beat Generatoin as they were in the years before any label had been affixed to them. Here is the postwar America that Kerouac knew so well and celebrated so magnificently. His ecstatic sense of superabundant reality is informed by the knowledge of mortality: "I'm writing this book because we're all going to die. . . . My heart broke in the general despair and opened up inward to the Lord, I made a supplication in this dream.""The most sincere and holy writing I know of our age." —Allen Ginsberg

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