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Book review and technical detail THE WALRUS WHO ESCAPED ~ Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley , Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley , illustrated Anthony Brennan

Technical detail of THE WALRUS WHO ESCAPED ~
author Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley , Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley , illustrated Anthony Brennan
ISBN 105536
Language English
Category Children's and Teen
Publisher Inhabit Media
Pages 32
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

A account from an Inuit folklorist and her bedmate explains how the walrus' tusks came to be straight.Long ago, the account begins, creatures could draw aloft the Land's mystical Strength to booty whatever appearance they liked. Walrus uses his lovely, continued coiled tusks to beat clams up from the seabed. Raven, who loves clams, was envious. Not adventurous abundant to change appearance to dive for them herself, she aloof address "each mollusk from the disgusting shore." One day Walrus makes the aberration of biting Raven, and she uses the Strength of the Land to benumb the walrus in ice; alone his arch and bill are aloft its surface. After Raven's abiding gloating, Walrus assuredly amendment the Strength to breach free, arising with red eyes and beeline tusks. The Qitsualik-Tinsleys acquaint an basal tale, amusement and affections appropriately ample and visceral. Short sentences both arm-twist the articulate acquaintance and accumulate the pacing brisk. Brennan's illustrations amalgamate an action artful with a air-conditioned palette adapted to the setting. They are at their best acknowledged back depicting the tale's affecting aerial points; Raven's crackling acrimony is fabricated apparent with lightning bolts, while Walrus' icy acerbity is almost independent in his looming bulk. Less affecting moments are weaker, but throughout, there's a adorable child-friendliness. Though it's not bright whether this is an aboriginal or a acceptable tale, it's an ambrosial accession to the pourquoi shelf. (Picture book. 3-6)

A cheerfully illustrated tale with Inuit roots In the time before animals were as they are today, Walrus, who had spiraled, curly tusks and not the long, straight tusks we recognize today, spent his time diving for clams. One day, Walrus was about to surface with a mouthful of tasty clams, when Raven cast a spell on the ocean, freezing Walrus in place under the water. Walrus’s curly, twisting tusks became frozen in the enchanted ice, but Raven soon discovered that his magic was no match for Walrus’s great physical strength as he managed to escape, but his tusks would never be the same. This fun, dynamic animal tale pits two of the Arctic’s most popular animal characters against each other in an amusing battle of wits and brawn.

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