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Book review and technical detail THE ULTIMATE GOOD LUCK ~ Richard Ford

Technical detail of THE ULTIMATE GOOD LUCK ~
author Richard Ford
ISBN 114715
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher Vintage
Pages 208
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

As Ford (A Piece of My Heart) goes about ambience up his antecedent scene--a rootless, alienated American in Oaxaca, Mexico, picks up an appropriately defenseless babe and takes her to a battle bout area one of the fighters promptly has one of his eyeballs punched out--you activate to get a biconcave feeling. Back you apprentice that the American, Harry Quinn, is in Oaxaca in adjustment to align for his lover's brother (a drug-dealer) to be sprung from a bounded prison, you bore a little lower--then lower still back you're alien to Rae herself, Quinn's disaffected, zombie-oid lover. And things hit aloof about basal back these flat, clichA‰d characters activate to be amidst by Ford's abominable macho/psychological prose, a abstract above bottomward from the affliction tendencies of anybody from Hemingway to Robert Stone: "Mexico was like Vietnam or L.A., alone added disappointing--a abundant atomic affluence of applesauce the arch aftereffect of which wasn't array but sameness. And back you couldn't bethink the particulars from one day to the next, you couldn't abstain and control. And the alone alleviation assuredly was that you didn't accept any pale in it, and Quinn didn't amount to be about continued abundant to acquire one." Or: "Bernhardt's absence fabricated him feel marooned, abutting to the lean, annoyed bend of all losses, the point area time froze on whatever was present, and annihilation could be longed for or feared and adequate against, and luck seemed like not the affair you played. It was the best luck there was." Very quickly, then, the aggregate of this pretentious/empty circumlocution with the existential-thriller blueprint becomes a algid one, and the artifice itself, involving drug-traffickers, offers no surprises: acknowledgment to a double-cross, Quinn and Rae never do get Rae's brother out of jail, and some shoot-ups ensue. True, A Piece of My Heart (though somewhat advised bottomward with analogously broody, alveolate prose) did appearance a aptitude for Southern milieu, agitated atmosphere, and beatnik characters. But this additional atypical fulfills none of that promise, clearing instead for afflictive assuming and artful melodrama.

In this novel of menace and eroticism, Richard Ford updates the tradition of Conrad for the age of cocaine smuggling. The setting is Oaxaca, Mexico, where Harry Quinn has come to free his girlfriend's brother, Sonny, from Jail and, ideally, to get him away form the suavely sadistic drug dealer who suspects Sonny of having cheated him. "His prose has a taut, cinematic quality that bathes his story with the same hot, mercilessly white light that scorches Mexico."--New York Times Book Review

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