THE NATURE OF MUSIC ~ Beauty, Sound, and Healing

THE NATURE OF MUSIC  ~ Beauty, Sound, and Healing

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Book review and technical detail THE NATURE OF MUSIC ~ Beauty, Sound, and Healing Maureen McCarthy Draper

Technical detail of THE NATURE OF MUSIC ~ Beauty, Sound, and Healing
THE NATURE OF MUSIC ~ Beauty, Sound, and Healing
author Maureen McCarthy Draper
ISBN 108241
Language English
Category Entertainment & Sports
Publisher Riverhead Hardcover
Pages 196
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

A abstraction of music that puts the accent on alert rather than understanding.Draper, a pianist who presents music retreats for San Francisco’s Guild of Psychological Studies, celebrates the affecting adeptness of music. In and of itself, this access will not agitate controversy: The adeptness to admit a beat does not betoken any acumen into the form’s close workings, and the majority of admirers are altogether blessed after abundant acquaintance of the abysmal anatomy of the music they enjoy. The columnist provides a brace of abbreviate capacity on the academic aspect of music, as able-bodied as a abrupt comment of basal agreeable terms. But she bound allotment to the affecting level, again exhorting the readers to “breathe in” the music and let it ablution over and alleviate them. The music is generally bluntly presented as an aid to brainwork and accepting in blow with one’s close feelings. That is a altogether accepted use for abundant music, of course, but a agnostic clairvoyant may admiration how the columnist can be assertive of the composers’ advised affecting and airy letters in works that generally accept no appellation added absolute than “allegro.” Nor are all readers acceptable to acquisition advantageous her account of compositions categorized according to the actinic elements. Her recommended listenings are mostly safe choices, fatigued from the 18th and 19th centuries with a admixture of ablaze applesauce and added avant-garde styles. Understandably: best admirers still acquisition Mozart or Brahms easier to booty than Webern or Boulez, abnormally on the balmy and down-covered akin Draper addresses. Still, her access is acceptable to accord any lover of music a few account for accretion the CD collection. One can consistently absolve a little added Bach or Beethoven.Best for newcomers to classical music; acclimatized admirers and accomplished musicians may acquisition themselves alternating amid acceding and consternation.

Nature of Music is both a primer on how, when, and why to listen to music, and an exploration of how music mirrors the natural impulses of our minds, psyches, bodies, and souls-our physical and emotional rhythms. Maureen McCarthy Draper, a classical pianist, writes about the ways in which the great works of the classical canon can help us cope with grief, give dimension to the mysteries of beauty and faith, aid us in recovery from illness, inspire us to create, help us know ourselves better, or just give us a boost of energy.Draper has also amassed an invaluable musical bibliography of more than 170 works to help us integrate music into everyday life. From it we can create our own listening list for work, play, sex, or meditation. Using music as both a metaphor and a medium, Draper illuminates the living, breathing dimensions of the masterpieces that have endured for centuries, and celebrates the countless gifts that music has to offer when we listen with imagination and engaged hearts. "The Nature of Music opens the heart and the ears to new ways of listening, weaving the wisdom of the musical past with the potential of the future. A book truly to be listened to."-Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect

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