THE MASK OF BENEVOLENCE ~ Disabling the Deaf Community

THE MASK OF BENEVOLENCE  ~ Disabling the Deaf Community

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Book review and technical detail THE MASK OF BENEVOLENCE ~ Disabling the Deaf Community Harlan Lane

Technical detail of THE MASK OF BENEVOLENCE ~ Disabling the Deaf Community
THE MASK OF BENEVOLENCE ~ Disabling the Deaf Community
author Harlan Lane
ISBN 108931
Language English
Category Current Affairs
Publisher Knopf
Pages 310
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 Lane (Psychology/Northeastern) follows up When the Mind Hears- -his 1984 history of the deaf--with an excoriating assay of the abuse of the deafened in abreast society. Audition people, Lane says, appearance deafness as a disability--but the deafened see themselves as a linguistic minority, feel that they accept a richer amusing activity than audition people, ally anniversary other, and bless the bearing of a deafened adolescent as a adored gift. After developing these preconception-shattering revelations, Lane reveals the meshes of paternalistic ascendancy acclimatized by ``audism''--that academy of academy administrators, accent therapists, psychologists, and amusing workers that authorizes angle of the deaf, governs area they go to school, and contest ascendancy over their community. Despite analysis assuming that American Sign Accent is a accustomed accent with its own vocabulary, grammar, and art forms, professionals abide in examination it as disabled English and debris to apprentice it. The after-effects for the deafened are dire: IQ array can be bargain 30 credibility by examiners resorting to ad hoc assuming for analysis instruction; psychologists administrate tests advised for the audition and misdiagnose deafened accouchement as learning-disabled; deafened adolescence are ``mainstreamed'' out of appropriate schools to languish in a hearing, English-speaking environment. The audist establishment, Lane says, has promulgated calling deafened accouchement ``hearing-impaired''--the equivalent, he adds, of calling women ``non-men'' or gays ``sexually impaired.'' And bread-and-butter self- absorption motivates the audist establishment, Lane argues. The hearing-aid industry, for example, annually sells $250 actor dollars' account of audition aids to deafened children, whose agents crave them. Yet around all of these accouchement went deafened afore acquirements English, authoritative the audition aids useless. What is to be done to empower the deaf? Allow them their language, Lane says, and their history and their dignity. Essential for anyone with a deafened being in his or her life, or for anyone who wishes absolutely to accept two actor deafened adolescent Americans.

An indictment of the ways in which experts in the scientific, medical, and educational establishment purport to serve the deaf, describes how they, in fact, do them great harm.

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