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Book review and technical detail THE HOUSE OF FORGETTING ~ Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Technical detail of THE HOUSE OF FORGETTING ~
author Benjamin Alire Sáenz
ISBN 118921
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher Harper
Pages 352
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 Award-winning Hispanic artist and biographer S†enz (Carry Me Like Water, 1995, etc.) visits Turow and Grisham area as he tells the artificial adventure of an abduction victim threatened by agee attorneys and police. Back Chicago cops breach into Thomas Blacker's abode and acquisition Claudia Santos cat-and-mouse for them while the crumbling Blacker lies bleeding from ache wounds, the case seems clear. Robbery or a appointment that soured seems likely, but the accuracy is abundant kinkier. Claudia refuses to speak, but angry accessible prosecutor Jenny Richard anon gets her talking, and the adventure she tells is alarming abundant to get her appear into Jenny's charge. Kidnapped at the age of seven while walking bottomward a artery in her built-in El Paso, Claudia has been kept a prisoner--at aboriginal in shackles--in Blacker's abode for 23 years. A acclaimed columnist and academic, he accomplished her to be the arcadian almsman to his aboriginal wife, who died in a car accident. A cultural reactionary, he has additionally controlled every aspect of her life. Raping her back she was 18, he accepted her to accommodate sex for him from again on. Jenny thinks she has a case, as does Lt. Alexander Murphy. But it's anon bright that Blacker has able accompany who'll do annihilation to absorber him: a gay acquaintance of Jenny's is mugged, basic affirmation is removed, and Claudia is stalked. Some of these elements feel overdone, and overlong: betrayal and abandon accumulate at a boundless rate. While Claudia struggles to cope with abandon and with her abashed animosity about Blacker, Jenny and Murphy acquisition themselves cautiously falling in love. They administer to save Claudia from herself and to acquaint the now-recovered Blacker, who has alike added awful affairs in mind. Added schematic than insightful: a account of corruption and the accretion of cocky that has little aboriginal to say about the psyches either of bedeviled captor or of captive.

From the author of the highly acclaimed literary novel Carry Me Like Water comes a stunning, dramatic psychological thriller that delivers on every level and reaffirms Luis Arrea's claim that Benjamin Senz is "writer with greatness in him." In The House of Forgetting, seven-year-old Gloria Santos is taken by Thomas Blacker from the barrio of El Paso, Texas, to Chicago. There, in the home of the respected writer and academic, Gloria is raised to be refined, educated young woman with an appreciation of literature, music, and fine cooking. For more than twenty years she is confined to Blacker's house and only occasionally allowed in the garden he so meticulously keeps. She becomes, it seems, like his flowerslovingly tended, but utterly at his mercy. As she reaches adulthood, Gloria grows more and more aware that her situation is in unacceptable, and she finds herself confronting her future and the man who has shaped her past. She struggles to distinguish between love and obsession, between gratitude and obligation, and, ultimately, between betrayal and self-preservation. Naive, frightened, and caught between a world she hates and one she does not know, Gloria must summon all her courage and moral strength or risk losing the life she longs for. In the lyrical prose for which he is known, Benjamin Senz offers a haunting psychological drama that examines one woman's search for her identity and explores what it means to have freedom. The House of Forgetting is a riveting tale of abduction, lost innocence, and revengea page-turner in the truest sense, a novel that longers in memory, and one that establishes Benjamin Senz as one of the most versatile, insightful writers working today.

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