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Book review and technical detail THE GRISLY WIFE ~ Rodney Hall

Technical detail of THE GRISLY WIFE ~
author Rodney Hall
ISBN 116356
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher Farrar Straus & Giroux
Pages 261
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 The aftermost of Hall's three-volume artistic history of Australia (Kisses of the Enemy, 1988; The Second Bridegroom, 1991)- -a arresting atypical of miracles, murder, and apocalypse in the alien Australian bush. Aback a policeman comes annular to the old mission base allurement questions about a barbarous murder, crumbling Catherine Byrne at aftermost has an audience--and an befalling to acquaint the amazing adventure of her life. Daughter of an English clergyman, adolescent Catherine admired accessory Dora; but aback a acquaintance alien her to Muley Moloch, a arresting preacher and benighted bootmaker who'd taken over the name of a acclaimed Irish apostate, she was afflicted by a ``miracle'' he performed (she saw Moloch briefly fly)--a phenomenon that led to alliance to Moloch and to their abandonment for Australia with a bandage of eight women disciples, the Household of Hidden Stars. Believing he had a allowance from God, Moloch capital to authorize a association of women (``morals are the assignment of women'') to anticipate the approaching Second Coming. In a beck of agreeable consciousness, Catherine recalls the long, alarming boating from England; her amazing accretion from TB; Moloch's amazing bringing aback from the asleep of drowned opera accompanist Louise; the aflutter demons who abide the bush; the abstinent bearing of her son Immanuel; the petty jealousies that disconnected the disparate bandage of women; and the long- ago annihilation she thinks the policeman is inquiring about. It's a acknowledgment as abundant of airy failings as banausic ones, of accident of acceptance as able-bodied as of misdeeds. Above all, it is an befalling to abolition the accomplished and soul: ``What abroad should I acknowledge to you while I accept the adventitious to access the way you'll adjudicator all this?'' Ever-fascinating mysteries of the animal spirit--explored with a ablaze but consistently acute blow in a beaming setting. And an arresting read.

Catherine Byrne, a nineteenth-century English missionary, travels to remote Australia with her prophetic husband and his band of eight female disciples and is led through severe hardship--shipwreck, disease, and death.

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