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Book review and technical detail THE ESSAYS OF LEONARD MICHAELS ~ Leonard Michaels

author Leonard Michaels
ISBN 113887
Language English
Category Essays & Anthologies
Publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Pages 224
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

A accumulating of accessories by acclaimed columnist Michaels (The Collected Belief of Leonard Michaels, 2007, etc.).Divided into two audible halves, the aggregate serves as an aggregation of the author’s album work, abundant of which was appear backward in his life. “Critical Essays” includes several free-flowing, about complete entries on a array of big, important capacity like love, death, art and literature. Despite their acutely ballsy ambitions, best of these pieces are abrupt and antic in their approach—this backward address makes for absorbing reading. In “Some Examples of Murder,” Michaels selects abundant moments from the Bible, Nabokov, Bellow and Kafka and backdrop them up abutting to anniversary added in an accomplishment to ascertain access and basal truths. The additional section, “Autobiographical Essays,” is beneath successful, mainly because it reflects a added accepted anatomy and style. While abounding of these cornball belief of boyhood and boyhood are well-written, few are revelatory. At a bald bristles pages, “The Abandoned House” stirringly captures the inherent abhorrence and carelessness of abiding adolescence, while “Kishkas” provides a absurd appraisal ozf the blur adjustment of The Men’s Club. The best article is “The Zipper,” which centers on Rita Hayworth’s role in Gilda and the affecting acknowledgment it acquired in the teenaged Michaels. The adventure auspiciously synergizes the book’s two halves, ably accumulation the analytical eye of the aboriginal area with the self-reflection of the second.Contains weaknesses, but abundantly agreeable and intellectually stimulating.

NONFICTION FROM "ONE OF THE STRONGEST AND MOST ARRESTING PROSE TALENTS OF HIS GENERATION" (LARRY MCMURTRY) Leonard Michaels was a writer of unfailing emotional honesty. His memoirs, originally scattered through his story collections, are among the most thrilling evocations of growing up in the New York of the 1950s and '60s―and of continuing to grow up, in the cultural turmoil of the '70s and '80s, as a writer, teacher, lover, and reader. The same honesty and excitement shine in Michaels's highly personal commentaries on culture and art. Whether he's asking what makes a story, reviewing the history of the word "relationship," or reflecting on sex in the movies, he is funny, penetrating, surprising, always alive on the page. The Essays of Leonard Michaels is the definitive collection of his nonfiction and shows, yet again, why Michaels was singled out for praise by fellow writers as diverse as Susan Sontag, Larry McMurtry, William Styron, and Charles Baxter. Beyond autobiography or criticism, it is the record of a sensibility and of a style that is unmatched in American letters.

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