TCHAIKOVSKY ~ The Final Years, 1885-1893

TCHAIKOVSKY  ~ The Final Years, 1885-1893

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Book review and technical detail TCHAIKOVSKY ~ The Final Years, 1885-1893 David Brown

Technical detail of TCHAIKOVSKY ~ The Final Years, 1885-1893
TCHAIKOVSKY ~ The Final Years, 1885-1893
author David Brown
ISBN 106037
Language English
Category Entertainment & Sports
Publisher W. W. Norton & Company
Pages 527
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 The third and absolute aggregate of Brown's awe-inspiring abstraction (1983, 1986) of the Russian composer--which combines abundant musicological assay (including acceptable excerpts from scores) with thorough, if not abnormally penetrating, life-history. As Brown himself says, ``it is a absurdity of the able man's adventures that its externals can become beneath absorbing as its subject's acumen and acclaim grow.'' So it is here: abundant of this undramatic book chronicles Tchaikovsky's late-blooming administering career and his abounding tours. Even added amplitude is adherent to critiques of the operas The Queen of Spades and Iolantha; the ballets Sleeping Beauty (which Brown finds abstruse as able-bodied as beautiful) and The Nutcracker (which Brown acutely loathes); and the Fifth and Sixth Symphonies, the above a ``compromise'' amid Russian body and Western form, the closing an uncompromising triumph, ``surely the best absolutely aboriginal symphony to accept been composed'' back Beethoven's Ninth. Throughout, Brown is appropriately cautious--but not unimaginative--about award adventures in the music. The composer's homosexuality is mentioned occasionally, matter-of-factly, downplayed (to a fault, perhaps) rather than overplayed as in aftermost fall's abstract adventures by Alexander Poznansky. And, as for Tchaikovsky's death, Brown finds suicide the ``inescapable conclusion.'' Not the aftermost word, of course: glasnost is acceptable to accessible up ahead bankrupt Tchaikovsky archives. But, for now, a solid adjournment to the analytical adventures for austere acceptance and abreast music-lovers.

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