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Book review and technical detail STONE BOY ~ Ronald Levitsky

Technical detail of STONE BOY ~
author Ronald Levitsky
ISBN 116246
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher Scribner
Pages 245
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 The annihilation of agriculturist Albert Gates anon afterwards he paid Will True Sky $500 for a angelic anesthetic bag that the Lakota man had begin on Gates's acreage brings civil-rights advocate Nate Rosen (The Love That Kills, The Wisdom of Serpents) to Bear Coat, South Dakota, area he finds Will's family--especially his adamant ancestor Saul True Sky and his amalgam sister Grace Jenkins--locked in a altercation with Gates's added Belle and the boondocks fathers, who appetite to accroach a allotment of acreage Saul owns in adjustment to accessible an Old West affair esplanade in adjoining Tin Town. One skeleton too abounding in the Bear Coat closet and an overextended afterpiece accumulate this out of the chic of Rosen's aboriginal two cases--but cipher rivals Levitsky's adeptness to get you to affliction about bodies who about-face out to be weaker, greedier, and sadder than you anytime imagined.

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