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Book review and technical detail STEVEN SPIELBERG ~ John Baxter

Technical detail of STEVEN SPIELBERG ~
author John Baxter
ISBN 107109
Language English
Category Entertainment & Sports
Publisher Harpercollins
Pages 457
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 A slight adventures of Spielberg, conceivably the best acknowledged filmmaker of all time. Attempting a adventures of an artisan at mid-career is consistently a alarming task, but the arresting success of administrator Spielberg (Jaws, Jurassic Park, Schindler's List, etc.) makes such a book inevitable. Unfortunately, Spielberg would not be interviewed for the book. Thus Baxter (Fellini, 1994, etc.) is larboard with already- appear letters and new interviews with co-workers. So while he describes the authoritative of anniversary blur and probes the differences amid the artless abstracted perceived by the accessible and the driven, generally annoying administrator and agent who operates abaft the scenes, Baxter never finds the key to the different personality and aptitude of this benevolent artist, nor does he get above the now- accustomed adventure of Spielberg's change from film-obsessed adolescent to filmmaker-phenomenon. Baxter additionally comes to his accountable with the thesis, hardly original, that the apparent artifice curve and comic- book mise-en-scanes of Spielberg's films accept led to the abatement of the anecdotal blur as an art form. But because Baxter never seems to butt the attributes of Spielberg's admirable appearance (which at its peak, in thrillers like Jaws and Jurassic Park, complex anxiously planned camera angles and cautiously timed editing), he fails to abundantly ascertain how that appearance ability accept been abolished (in added character-driven films such as The Color Purple). In addition, Baxter's accreditation as biographer and analyzer are debilitated by mistakes any apprentice blur apprentice could accept adapted (Frank Capra's accommodate of Lady for a Day is Pocketful of Miracles, not A Hole in the Head, Franaois Truffaut's The Green Room is far from his ``last'' film, Broadcast News was directed by James L. Brooks, not Albert Brooks, etc.). Despite some absorbing behind-the-scenes gossip, Baxter's adventures is ultimately as apparent as he accuses Spielberg's films of being. (24 pages b&w photos)

John Baxter charts Speilberg's career from his boyhood 8mm home movies to the epic sweep of "Schlindler's List" and beyond. He tells the story from his unhappy adolescence on the fringes of American society to his present unrivalled position of power. Spielberg's story is also the story of modern Hollywood and of the "Movie Brat" generatin of directors - Martin Scorsese, Frnacis Ford Coppola, George Lucas, John Millius and Brian de Palma.

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