SEEING RED ~ The Red Auerbach Story

SEEING RED  ~ The Red Auerbach Story

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Book review and technical detail SEEING RED ~ The Red Auerbach Story Dan Shaughnessy

Technical detail of SEEING RED ~ The Red Auerbach Story
SEEING RED ~ The Red Auerbach Story
author Dan Shaughnessy
ISBN 106673
Language English
Category Entertainment & Sports
Publisher Crown
Pages 302
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 Another assignment of Boston sports hagiography from one of the amateur beat's arch home teamers. For about 40 years, Arnold ``Red'' Auerbach ran the show, brand cigar in hand, for the emerald-clad Boston Celtics. Serving as drillmaster from 1950 to 1966, again as accepted administrator and accustomed autocrat until 1990 or so (he is still on the amount as a consultant), Red guided the Hub's admired Jolly Green Giants to 16 NBA championships, including an amazing band of titles active from 195966. So acknowledged was the aggregation that Auerbach's able apprenticeship and adroit aptitude assessment--he acquired abounding of the game's greatest players, including Bob Cousy, Bill Russell, John Havlicek, and Larry Bird (who wrote the book's foreword)--were absolved by foes as ``The Celtics Mystique.'' During Red's time at the top, the NBA grew from a barnstorming concern to a multi- billion-dollar all-around enterprise, and it would be adamantine to enlarge his access on the game--but Shaughnessy (The Curse of the Bambino, 1990) actual about succeeds. While he does appearance Auerbach's bad-tempered and occasionally bullheaded side, the columnist about presents to readers little added than a brew agenda loaded with anecdotes about Red's cigar-chompin', ref-baitin', hell- drivin' virtuosity. Not alone a abundant x's and o's guy (the NBA annually presents the Red Auerbach accolade to its outstanding coach), he is in Shaughnessy's presentation basketball's Moses, the man who led the bold out of darkness. Non-Celtics admirers ability appetite to brush abounding passages to get to the genitalia area Red sagely catalogues the game's changes--for example, his ascertainment that ballplayers ``used to appear to convenance with gym bags; now they appear with attachC cases.'' At 77, Red has slowed a bit: He's no best the capital adjudicator of talent, and he's bottomward to two or three stogies a day. But as continued as guys like Shaughnessy can authority a pen, it's consistently Red's game; anyone abroad aloof came to play. (8 pages photos, not seen)

A definitive portrait of the legendary coach and general manager of the Boston Celtics explains how Red Auerbach changed the face of modern basketball, discussing his early days, his coaching success, and the players he nurtured. 25,000 first printing.

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