SAVING THE LOST TRIBE ~ The Rescue and Redemption of the Ethiopian Jews

SAVING THE LOST TRIBE  ~ The Rescue and Redemption of the Ethiopian Jews

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Book review and technical detail SAVING THE LOST TRIBE ~ The Rescue and Redemption of the Ethiopian Jews Asher Naim

Technical detail of SAVING THE LOST TRIBE ~ The Rescue and Redemption of the Ethiopian Jews
SAVING THE LOST TRIBE ~ The Rescue and Redemption of the Ethiopian Jews
author Asher Naim
ISBN 110729
Language English
Category Current Affairs
Publisher Ballantine Books
Pages 288
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

Suspenseful accurate account of how the Falashas of Ethiopia were ransomed from a latter-day pharaoh.A aeon and a bisected ago, British missionaries appear that they had appear beyond a analytical comedy in the aerial plateau country of arctic Ethiopia: an abandoned atramentous association whose bodies kept kosher, empiric Levitican constraints about menstruation and circumcision, and in every added accessible way were advertent Jews. Removed from their adolescent Jews for hundreds of years, these Falashas (the name agency “stranger” in Amharic) nonetheless harbored dreams of abiding to Israel. Enter admission columnist Naim, Israel’s agent to Ethiopia in 1990, the year that what would appear to be alleged Operation Solomon occurred. Having abiding the agnate bribe of Soviet Jews via Finland, Naim now faced the ample attrition of Ethiopian absolutist Megistu Miriam, who reminded Naim (with some reason) that every Ethiopian had account to agitation for acknowledgment to Israel, inasmuch as every Ethiopian was a Jew afore converting to Christianity way aback in the fourth century. (“He’s a brainless man,” Naim remarked of Mengistu to a colleague. “How did he appear to power?” Replied the colleague, “He dead anybody who was in his way.”) American Jews aloft $35 actor in alone three days, Israel fabricated several political concessions, and Naim anchored the absolution of the Falashas from Ethiopia. But the Falashas encountered abrupt difficulties with amalgam into Israeli society, in accurate hardly buried abhorrence on the allotment of the appropriate addition and a accepted abhorrence of contagion by AIDS or tuberculosis. So arctic was the accession that abounding earlier Falashas capital to acknowledgment to Ethiopia, jeopardizing Naim’s work—and his anxiously complete altercation afore the United Nations that the Falashas’ case should “erase the abominable UN resolution equating Zionism with racism.” For all the problems, however, he still angle Operation Solomon as a success. Effectively argued, admitting the clairvoyant may abeyance to admiration how the Falashas are accomplishing today.

For nearly three thousand years, the black Jews of Ethiopia–known as the Falashas–maintained their faith and their identity in the face of drought, famine, and tribal war. They were indeed the lost tribe, tracing their ancestry to King Solomon and the queen of Sheba. Then in May 1991, these Ethiopian Jews staged a miraculous exodus. With Ethiopia exploding around them in brutal civil war, some fourteen thousand Falashas were safely airlifted to Jerusalem by the Israeli air force over the course of twenty-five harrowing hours. Told by the Israeli ambassador who made it happen, this spellbinding book is the story of that incredible rescue–as well as an extraordinary history of the Falashas, the remarkable people whose faith never waivered, even when confronted with enormous atrocities.Asher Naim knew practically nothing about the Falashas when he was posted to Addis Ababa by the Israeli government in the fall of 1990, but he instantly found himself swept up in their plight. As rebel forces advanced against Ethiopia’s savage dictator, Mengistu Haile Meriam (“the Butcher of Addis”), it became clear that the Falashas would be slaughtered unless they could be snatched from the violence overwhelming their country.Naim set to work on several fronts simultaneously–negotiating with Mengistu and his deceptively charming right hand man, coordinating logistics and strategy with the Israeli military, frantically raising money through contacts in America. On May 23, Naim realized it was now or never, and word went out to the Israeli air force: Operation Solomon must begin at once. With twenty thousand Falashas crowding the Israeli embassy compound, the first Israeli planes landed at the Addis airport and a team of crack Israeli commandos took position with instructions to protect the operation “at any cost.” Four hours later, the first planeload of Falashas took off for Israel.For Asher Naim the rescue of the Falashas became a kind of personal quest–a quest not only to free his fellow Jews from tyranny but also to uphold the sacredness of human life. In helping the Falashas realize their three-thousand-year-old dream of returning to Jerusalem, Naim came to a profoundly new understanding of the nature of faith, identity, and the struggle to endure. Saving the Lost Tribe is a magnificent achievement, a story of hope in the face of chaos and redemption on the brink of disaster.

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