PROMISES TO KEEP ~ One Man\'s Journey Against Incredible Odds

PROMISES TO KEEP  ~ One Man\'s Journey Against Incredible Odds

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Book review and technical detail PROMISES TO KEEP ~ One Man\'s Journey Against Incredible Odds Ernest Michel

Technical detail of PROMISES TO KEEP ~ One Man\'s Journey Against Incredible Odds
PROMISES TO KEEP ~ One Man\'s Journey Against Incredible Odds
author Ernest Michel
ISBN 106567
Language English
Category Biography & Memoir
Publisher Barricade Books
Pages 320
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 Personal affidavit of a activity of extremes, from Auschwitz horrors to American success. Michel begins with Kristallnacht, the night in November 1938 that the Germans and Austrians destroyed synagogues and Jewish buildings. He was again a adolescent boy active with his ancestors in adequate affairs in Mannheim--but at age 15, he was afar from his ancestors and taken to Auschwitz, area his parents and grandmother died (Michel's sister larboard home at age ten, to alive as a ambush with a ancestors in France). The columnist witnessed enough atrocities in the camp, including the administering of medical abstracts on girls and women by Joseph Mengele (the Auschwitz ``Doctor of Death''); the connected deaths of friends; and the abysmal animality of Nazi soldiers. He spent ``six hundred seventy four canicule in a counterfeit hell,'' and promised his accompany to almanac what he saw: ``I approved to call a apple that accustomed abhorrence for and bigotry adjoin Jews.'' Michel was on the 15- hour advance from Auschwitz to Buchenwald, a affected whose aboideau was inscribed ``Right or Wrong--My Country,'' and, anon underneath, ``To Each His Own.'' Late in the afternoon of April 15, 1945, the columnist and two accompany escaped. Six weeks later, he was the aboriginal Jew to acknowledgment to Mannheim, area he was afield arrested by American soldiers, again helped appreciably by a Jewish abettor who became a above force in his life. Michel--whose sister survived in Israel--became a acknowledged apostle and fund-raiser for the United Jewish Appeal in America, and, in the aftermost 15 years, has alternate to Mannheim, led a accumulation to Auschwitz, and alternate in the Apple Gathering of Survivors in Israel. Michel annal his activity in alone apathetic detail but still shows how able the will to survive can be. (Sixteen pages of photographs)

Ernest W. Michel has led a charmed life. His parents and his friends were murdered by German Nazis and he too should have become a forgotten name and an unrecorded number tattooed on the arm of a corpse. Michel survived against tremendous odds. After escaping from the Nazis, he made his way to the United States. But he couldn't forget that he had promises to keep, promises he'd made to friends, many of whom are now dead. He dedicated his life to telling the world what happened in the camps and to the struggle for the establishment of a Jewish nation. Among the book's highlights is Michel's description of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial which he covered as a reporter as well as his dramatic encounter with the #2 Nazi, Herman Goering. Ernest Michel helped to raise as much as $130,000,000 a year for the United Jewish Appeal. He worked with Baron Elie de Rothschild and other leaders of the Jewish community in France to raise funds for Israel. And then he kept another promise: he organized a worldwide reunion of all those survivors who suffered under the Nazi yoke. Michel has met and chatted with Presidents and Prime Ministers. He has been given awards and honored throughout the world for his work on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people. Through it all, he has lived a full life, appreciating and savoring every moment of the past fifty years. For he knows that, but for his determination and that sometimes elusive lady called luck, he would no longer exist, not even in anyone's memory.

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