PROMISES BETRAYED ~ Waking Up from the American Dream

PROMISES BETRAYED  ~ Waking Up from the American Dream

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Book review and technical detail PROMISES BETRAYED ~ Waking Up from the American Dream Bob Herbert

Technical detail of PROMISES BETRAYED ~ Waking Up from the American Dream
PROMISES BETRAYED ~ Waking Up from the American Dream
author Bob Herbert
ISBN 111113
Language English
Category Current Affairs
Publisher Times Books
Pages 368
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

There’s a blaze afire in America’s basement, New York Times columnist Herbert urges in this acceptable accumulating of op-ed pieces. No one’s hasty to put it out. Instead, “we’re behaving as if we cannot alike aroma the smoke.” What’s amiss with America today? Well, Herbert suggests, it’s adamantine to put a feel on the one big prime mover; answer it to say that alike admitting we are the world’s sole superpower, at atomic for the moment, and richer than Croesus, “there is a faculty of things out of whack, of the centermost caving, of obligations unmet and promises betrayed.” That’s the affectionate of affair that happens back a atramentous man is lynched in a baby Southern town, back in addition baby Southern boondocks the chat of a distinct rogue cop can put added than 10 percent of the African-American citizenry in bastille on suspicion of biologic dealing. That’s the affectionate of affair that happens, too, back citizens are angled up en masse, the badge acumen that they can array out the accusable from the innocent—the aforementioned argumentation activated in New York City, in added words, as in Guantanamo Bay. And so on. Herbert is affronted by the endless outrages wrought by the Bush era, and admitting his anger sometimes provokes articulate excess—does anyone but a harbinger man brainstorm that apprenticeship is absolutely a civic priority, afterwards all?—in the capital it comes captivated in affluence of facts and abstracts and specifics, none of them pretty. The op-ed format, of course, doesn’t acquiesce abundant allowance for adult argumentation, hardly affording added than a few hundred words at a pop; and journalism is by its analogue ephemeral, so that abounding of the instances that prompted these pieces will anon be forgotten. Alike so, Herbert holds up bigger than most, and his explorations of such things as the outsourcing of American jobs and the Halliburtonization of the Iraq War, admitting not the final word, care to still accession a few hackles amid readers of a assertive bent.Heroes and villains, acceptable guys and bad: afire bone from a accomplished pen.

The award-winning New York Times op-ed columnist probes the widening gap between American ideals and American realities, and urges us to do something about itBob Herbert is the conscience of the op-ed page of The New York Times, and his work is characterized by a strong moral vision and a deep understanding of the human costs of political decisions. From partisan politics to popular culture, from race relations to criminal justice, few journalists bring to life so movingly the stories of ordinary people caught between the American dream and American realities. Whether it is the inherent injustice of the death penalty or the demagoguery of the war on terrorism, Herbert questions whether we are truly upholding our ideals or merely giving them lip service.In Promises Betrayed, Herbert makes the case that in recent years America has too often failed to live up to its creed of fairness and justice in the lives of working people, racial minorities, children, and others not among the powerful. He introduces us to real people facing real problems and trying to maintain their dignity along the way, and he blows the whistle on imperious public officials who think the rules of common decency do not apply to them. Herbert's tenacious reporting has resulted in the overturning of many wrongful convictions and the release of dozens of innocent people from prison. In these and so many other ways, Herbert keeps us all honest and lives up to the journalist's credo: to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

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