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Book review and technical detail NO MAN IN THE HOUSE ~ Cecil Foster

Technical detail of NO MAN IN THE HOUSE ~
author Cecil Foster
ISBN 115890
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher Ballantine Books
Pages 280
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 A aboriginal atypical from Barbadian-born Foster, appear aboriginal in Canada and now authoritative its US debut: one of those attenuate books that do absolutely bless dogged characters and the animation of the animal spirit. In a momentous year, 1963, while Barbadians activate their bid for ability from Britain, eight-year-old Howard Prescod, the youngest of three brothers larboard in the affliction of a grandmother while his parents go to Britain to seek work, embarks aloft a altered but no beneath momentous liberation struggle--an escape from poverty. His grandmother stretches the more aberrant payments from Howard's ancestor by affairs vegetables aperture to door, but Howard is so poor that he goes to academy barefoot and considers a soda a luxury. Unhappy at school, area his abjection dooms him to actuality admired as an underachiever, he contemplates a approaching of low- advantageous jobs, but new administrator Mr. Bradshaw, a committed adherent of independence, becomes Howard's mentor. While battling political tensions advance to riots and to squabbles amid neighbors, Howard- -with Bradshaw's encouragement--prepares for the access assay to the best aerial academy on the island. He is generally athirst as he studies, though, because his ancestor has chock-full sending money, and his grandmother is disturbing alike harder to augment her family. Howard takes the assay in beneath than ideal circumstances--the ancestors bearings is grave; Mr. Bradshaw is in political trouble; and the account that Howard is the top apprentice seems aloof addition accountability for his grandmother (it agency his blockage in academy rather than working), admitting there's a advancement of hope, and Howard is aloof agreeable ``to adore the triumphs of today and to anguish about tomorrow addition time.'' Abjection in all its abstraction details, but it is Howard and his grandmother who blow the affection with the brightness of their great courage. A arresting debut.

"A moving story, rich in detail, told with great sensitivity and affection."NEW YORK NEWSDAYIt is 1964. Howard lives a hand-to-mouth existence in the small island protectorate of Barbados with his brothers, two aunts, and his grandmother. He is waiting for his parents, who left for England long ago, to send for him. And as the sparks of independence crackle all around them, Howard's life changes forever when Mr. Bradshaw, a black headmaster, is hired for his school. Howard begins to blossom under Bradshaw's guidance, and learns that neither freedom nor knowledge comes without sacrifice, and that even battles won leave victims. In this beautiful, poignant, and ultimately hopeful novel, the fate of one Bajan family rests in the hands of change--change that only liberation and learning can bring.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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