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Book review and technical detail NIGHT PEOPLE ~ Barry Gifford

Technical detail of NIGHT PEOPLE ~
author Barry Gifford
ISBN 115928
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher Grove Press
Pages 190
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 The columnist of Sailor's Holiday, Wild at Heart, etc., has continued back accurate himself the baron of fast-food surrealism. So here's added of his wit and wisdom, his adulation and craven absurd steak, in the anatomy of four novellas. Gifford begins with his adaptation of Thelma and Louise, admitting of advance his women aren't aloof about the bend; they allegedly never had a angle to go around. Big Betty Stalcup and Miss Cutie Early are two blackmailer lesbians with a mission: ``Miss Jesus ordered them to rid the apple of the macho species.'' So the two hit the road, both as beautiful as Betty Boop, nuzzling and smooching until they acquisition a nice atramentous advocate who afresh had a quintuple bypass to boom with a razor. But are they the consecutive killers who've done all the decapitations, or is it Wapiti Touche, the Irish-Seminole-French Canadian-Dutch hooker in Egypt City, Florida? Gifford's not saying. Instead, he moves on to the account of Brother Dallas Salt, a Pro-Life preacher in New Orleans who brand angular atramentous girls and ends up armament in a barber's chair; accordingly to accidental cop-killer Easy Earl Blakey; and, finally, to Marble Lesson, 14, who defends herself adjoin abduction by a South American drug-dealer. It's vivid. It makes abundant copy. David Lynch (who put Wild at Heart on the awning and assassin Gifford to address his accessible HBO pilot) is one of the faithful. But what added can be said of Gifford? Nothing. Except that abounding ability ambition he'd stop commendation Faulkner.

Four linked stories follow two lesbian ex-cons determined to reeducate men, brother and sister preachers battling abortion rights, and a teenaged correspondent with Jesus. By the author of Wild at Heart. 10,000 first printing.

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