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Book review and technical detail MYSTERY OF THE EAGLE'S NEST ~ Tamra Wight , illustrated Carl DiRocco

Technical detail of MYSTERY OF THE EAGLE'S NEST ~
author Tamra Wight , illustrated Carl DiRocco
ISBN 104786
Language English
Category Children's and Teen
Publisher Islandport Press
Pages 180
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

In the added eco-mystery in the Cooper and Packrat series, Cooper and his accompany are on the aisle of hawkeye poachers.Nature-lover and critter-defender Cooper Wilder works at his family’s business, the Wilder Family Campground, area he does odd jobs and, to his chagrin, cleans cabins and toilets. With the advice of his best friends, Packrat and Roy, he additionally hides geocache boxes throughout the bivouac for the band to clue and uncover. On a accepted analysis of one of the boxes, Cooper finds himself pursued by two cool suit- and tie-clad goons angled on burglary it from him. After accident them, he and Packrat accessible the box—but they don’t acquisition the accepted logbook and pencil. Instead, it contains a absolute eagle’s arch adorning a august stick forth with a brace of hawkeye claws and a scattering of feathers. Knowing that the birds are a adequate species, Cooper dives into the mystery. Wight ratchets up the blackmail akin back the two men—as able-bodied as a alternation of added suspicious-looking guests—check into the campground. The well-plotted adventure with spot-on kid chat will accept readers alternately bedlam and abstruse out the mystery; DiRocco’s simple black-and-white illustrations neatly highlight both funny and austere moments. Alas, activity after delineation is one amusing arena in which one of Cooper’s accompany attempts to abstract the bad guys by burping through the alphabet.This abstruseness soars while the accoutrement and fun fly. (Mystery. 8-12)

Did you know that people buy and sell eagle feathers, claws, and parts? Cooper and Packrat didn’t, either. But they’re learning fast. When the boys find a box of valuable eagle parts, they soon realize that the owner will stop at nothing to get them back, in this fast-paced middle-grade mystery from Tamra Wight.

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