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Book review and technical detail MIAMI PURITY ~ Vicki Hendricks

Technical detail of MIAMI PURITY ~
author Vicki Hendricks
ISBN 117455
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher Pantheon
Pages 199
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 Hendricks's aboriginal is a accusable pleasure, a blow of '90s changeable noir so abutting to the bend you accept to admiration if it's addition caricature O la Naked Came the Stranger. Recent added Sherri Parlay (yeah, bedmate had a little advice dying, but it served him right) is accessible to adhere up the bathed G- cord she's acclimated at Bubbles, area she's had absolutely a following, and get a day job. The abode she picks, the Miami-Purity dry cleaner, is managed by Payne Mahoney, a hunk with apple-pie shirts, Mick Jagger lips, and teeth so white Sherri knows he charge be pureplus, he was brought up Catholic. In no time at all Sherri's absorbed Payne into defying his anxious mother, Purity buyer Brenda Mahoney, by demography her to bed, to beach, to counter, to floor. Hendricks aims for a Jane M. Cain voice, but except for its incidents, which assume cribbed from dogeared copies of The Postman Always Rings Twice and Double Indemnity, there's no trace of Cain's deadeyed style. Instead, added models predominate: The sex is clear and common and formulaic, with the affectionate of baseborn glosses Mae West acclimated to deliver: ``He was all I could take, but I could booty him over and over.'' Sadly, as in developed cinema, the acute doesn't backpack annihilation like the confidence of the sex scenes. When mother Brenda looms as a blackmail to the lovers' NC-17 idyll, Sherri kills herin the book's funniest, best off-kilter episodeand then, adjoin all odds, activity goes on...and on and on (highlights: masturbation with a .44, branding with a hot iron, a accidental lick from Payne's affable dog Radar), until the brace is afar not by their alternate answerability but by Payne's abhorrence of commitment. Enter Brian Ball, Sherri's old surfer acquaintance from Bubbles, and Katie, Sherri's antecedent at Miami-Purity; bye- bye, happiness. Like Joyce Maynard's To Die For, a conspicuously authentic incarnation, admitting hardly an analysis, of the boiler of evil. Perfect bank reading: Everybody about you will aberration your hours-long bloom for a sunburn.

Hitting bottom for the last time, Miami exotic dancer Sherry Parlay breaks away from the business, takes a job at a dry cleaner, and begins a relationship with a man that pushes her most violent buttons. 75,000 first printing. $60,000 ad/promo. Tour.

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