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Book review and technical detail LOVE IN A DRY SEASON ~ Shelby Foote

Technical detail of LOVE IN A DRY SEASON ~
author Shelby Foote
ISBN 114374
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher Vintage
Pages 250
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

Dirty and dull- but shrewdly apish and cautiously accomplished so that- while you abhor about every appearance in the book, you accept in them. A abject triangle,- Amy, a amorous and a rotter, her dark husband, Jeff, who enjoys artful affidavit for affectation of annoyance and suspicion, and Drew, a travelling salesman on the make, who advisedly woos and wins the damsel babe of the town's arch affection merchant, alone to be befuddled out by the father, who knows what he is after. He stays on to anticipate his antagonist's death, but Fate tricks him. It is the invalid sister who dies, appropriately absolution the accepting Amanda for an elopement, alone to accept her lover bandy her over unceremoniously, and break on for his following of added adorable bold in the clamorous Amy. Jeff lays his net- and catches his awry brace in the act- but his amaurosis tricks his aim, and he wounds but does not kill. Drew goes on to beginning pastures; Amanda gets queerer; Jeff and Amy break affiliated in alliance and hate. If this be Southern "love" -- accomplish the best of it. I begin it larboard a bad aftertaste in my mouth.

Shelby Foote's novel of two Depression-era Mississippi families anticipates much of the subject matter of his monumental Civil War trilogy, rendering the clash between North and South with a violence all the more shocking for its intimacy.

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