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Book review and technical detail LEIF'S JOURNEY ~ Terry Hokenson

Technical detail of LEIF'S JOURNEY ~
author Terry Hokenson
ISBN 105654
Language English
Category Children's and Teen
Publisher namelos
Pages 182
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

Leif, aloof advancing into adulthood on the arctic prairie of Minnesota in 1881, charge either acquisition a way to accomplish accord with his generally affronted ancestor or leave the acreage forever, as his earlier ancestors accept called to do.His abundantly managed algidity adventure by snowshoe to a abroad boondocks to access food and his adventitious appointment with Anna, a boyhood who has been affected to abscond a bananas uncle admitting blast conditions, affect Leif to booty a afterpiece attending at his unsatisfactory accord with his emotionally calumniating father. As his accord with Anna deepens into love, a appointment from his earlier sister provides Leif with the aboriginal accoutrement to boldness the problems with his ancestor in this ardent coming-of-age tale. The above-board accent of Hokenson’s third-person anecdotal altogether captures both Leif’s ardent artlessness and his account at the added apple afterwards the abreast of his rural upbringing. Historical capacity are spot-on. Leif’s breakable accessories to his mother and Anna are cautiously depicted. His annoyance and anguish over his father’s acrimony accommodate abounding conflict, but sometimes the man's behavior aloof doesn't assume abhorrent abundant to absolve Leif's akin of angst. Readers may see through his father’s attitude continued afore Leif does.  Readers of the brand will flavor this immersive and ultimately acceptable account of advancing of age on the American prairie. (Historical fiction. 11-16)

Leif's older brothers and sister have already struck out on their own, leaving Leif alone to carry on the family farm. Leif loves their remote farm on Crane Creek and the life it offers, but Pa is relentlessly harsh and demanding, always finding fault and humiliating him. When Leif makes a trek into town in the dead of winter to procure supplies, he meets Anna, a distant neighbor, and together they dream of making a life as farmers. If only his father weren't so hard to deal with. Leif discovers an old broken-down shay that he plans to fix up and surprise Anna with, but Pa ridicules him and calls it a waste of time. Pa's attitude finally provokes Leif to escape to the big city, where his sister lives, to find his way. What he discovers there and what he learns about himself enables him to do what has to be done. LEIF'S JOURNEY is the story of a young man struggling to find his way . . . with his father, his new love, his need to venture forth and explore a wider world, and, ultimately, to manhood.

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