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Book review and technical detail KISS AND MAKE-UP ~ Gene Simmons

Technical detail of KISS AND MAKE-UP ~
author Gene Simmons
ISBN 108457
Language English
Category Entertainment & Sports
Publisher Crown
Pages 288
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

Raunchy, amiable memoirs of the abundantly tongued co-founder of megaselling bandage KISS.Simmons (previously Gene Klein, ahead Chaim Witz) defends his warts-and-all anecdotal of pop-culture collisions and 1970s balance by noting, “Those of you who accept in KISS charge to apperceive the truth.” The best colorful, agreeable sections actuality accord with Simmons’s adolescence in Israel and Queens. He abounding yeshiva to amuse his angrily adherent mother, yet became bedeviled with “television, the Beatles, superheroes, science fiction, girls. Everything about America.” As for the band’s roots: “We all best up guitars because we all capital to get laid,” Simmons writes. With his aggressive songwriting accomplice Paul Stanley, and the rougher-edged Peter Criss and Ace Frehley, Simmons lived and apposite in bedimmed lofts while autograph blithely able-bodied songs like “Strutter” and “Firehouse” and devising schemes to allure industry attention. Their approach formed well, and their activating date appearance (incorporating pulp-Kabuki makeup, bound leather, pyrotechnics, fire-breathing, and blood-spitting) rapidly congenital their reputation. KISS awash out stadiums throughout the ’70s, but by 1982 centralized affray and bartering missteps fabricated the bandage arise shopworn. KISS soldiered on after Criss, Frehley, or architecture throughout the heavy-metal 1980s. The contest become beneath acute here, as Simmons surveys his affairs adeptness and his then-insatiable drive for concise romance: Like abounding crumbling rockers, he recalls his adventure with bleared bonhomie and affable bluff that can about-face nasty, e.g., his chargeless slams of ’70s art bedrock bands and ’90s grunge and his acerbic assuming of Criss and Frehley as self-destructive chuckleheads who bare to leave the bandage for everyone’s benefit. They were eventually assassin aback as arrangement players, in time for a final bout in architecture and appearances at lucrative, accepted fan conventions. “The KISS Army” will acknowledge Simmons’s affection for them and uncritically absorb his heavy-metal memories.

You wanted the truth, you got the truth—the hottest book in the world!Fueled by an explosive mix of makeup, costumes, and attitude, KISS burst onto the music scene thirty years ago and has become a rock institution. The band has sold more than eighty million records, has broken every concert attendance record set by Elvis Presley and the Beatles, stands behind the Beatles alone in number of gold records from any group in history, and has spawned more than 2,500 licenses. There would have been no KISS without Gene Simmons, the outrageous star whose superlong tongue, legendary sexual exploits, and demonic makeup have made him a rock icon. KISS and Make-Up is the wild, shocking, unbelievable story, from the man himself, about how an immigrant boy from Israel studied to be a rabbi, was saved by rock and roll, and became one of the most notorious rock stars the world has ever seen.Before Gene Simmons there was Chaim Witz, a boy from Haifa, Israel, who had no inkling of the life that lay ahead of him. In vivid detail Gene recounts his childhood growing up in Haifa under the watchful eye of his beloved, strong-willed mother, a concentration camp survivor; his adolescent years attending a Jewish theological center for rabbinical studies in Brooklyn; his love of all things American, including comic books, superheroes, and cowboys; and his early fascination with girls and sex, which prompted him to start a rock band in school after he saw the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show.KISS and Make-Up is not just the classic story of achieving the American dream through the eyes of an immigrant boy making good, but a juicy, rollicking rock and roll read that takes you along for the ride of your life with KISS, from the 1970s, when they were the biggest band in the world, through the ’80s, when they took off their world-famous war paint, and into the ’90s, when they came back bigger and badder than ever to become the number one touring band in the world. In his own irreverent, unapologetic voice, Gene talks about the girls (4,600 of them and counting); his tight bond with KISS cofounder Paul Stanley; the struggles he and Paul had with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss and their departures from the group; the new band members and Eric Carr’s untimely death; the enormous love and affection he has for the people who put him there in the first place—the KISS Army and the ever-loyal KISS fans around the world; his love life, including stories about his relationships with Cher and Diana Ross and with Shannon Tweed, Playmate of the Year, mother of his son and daughter, and his companion of eighteen years; and much more.Full of dozens of photographs, many never-before-seen pictures from Gene’s private collection, KISS and Make-Up is a surprising, intimate look at the man behind the mask. For the first time Gene reveals all the facets of his complex personality—son, rock star, actor, record producer, businessman, ladies’ man, devoted father, and now author.

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