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Book review and technical detail JUDGE ON TRIAL ~ Ivan Klíma

Technical detail of JUDGE ON TRIAL ~
author Ivan Klíma
ISBN 116143
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher Knopf
Pages 549
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 Kl°ma (My First Loves, 1988; Love and Garbage, 1991) writes here about Adam Kindl, a Czech judge who lives in a state of perpetual contradiction. Survivor of a concentration camp in his childhood, provincial lawyer, husband to a woman who's fallen for a young and silly student, friend of dissidents for whom he does favors despite his own official position, Adam is a man always pulled between the axes of his own conscience and the humilities of fate. He feels himself forever being set up. In the meantime, his superiors have assigned him to a murder case they fully expect to yield the death penalty--exactly the verdict Adam has made his small career arguing against philosophically. By the same token, his response to his wife's infidelities is to take a mistress himself, the wife of a friend, plunging him into a two-facedness causing almost more entanglement than he can manage. Kl°ma's most authoritative pages are the domestic ones--the jagged demands broken faith makes; he writes well and painfully about desperate attempts to restore love. But the novel is snapless, boggy, gray, and long. Predicament can hold one's interest only so long before drama kicks in--and it almost never does here. Earnest, but slow and unrelieved.

An epic novel about those who stayed in Prague after 1968. When middle-aged judge Adam Kindl is asked not only to try a double murder case but is also expected to find the accused guilty, it is his own shattered faith in the political system that is put on trial.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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