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Book review and technical detail JIM DANDY ~ Irvin Faust

Technical detail of JIM DANDY ~
author Irvin Faust
ISBN 116791
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher Carroll & Graf Pub
Pages 297
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 Faust (Newsreel, 1980, etc.) allotment to the atypical afterwards a 14- year aperture in this bulletproof account comprised of shards of chat and a burst plot. Hollis Cleveland, our hero, has a gift: ``He knew what bodies were cerebration about him.'' It's acceptable that addition knows what's happening; regrettably, it is rarely the reader. Cleveland is a atramentous man actual in 1930s Harlem by racketeering for bounded bigwig Sol Winograd. When their accord sours, Cleveland, aka Jim Dandy, flees New York for London, area he meets soapboxing accepted Henry Armitage, who sponsors him to go to Ethiopia, which is actuality invaded by Mussolini's Fascists, with whom Cleveland voluntarily becomes entangled. It seems that anybody wants Cleveland on his side: the Italians, the Africans, and added unmemorables who've aureate bottomward to the fray. Afterwards a post-plane- blast cull through the war-torn desert, Cleveland ends up in Addis Ababa, area he indulges in a affluence auberge allowance and affected new clothes. Fate tosses him from Ethiopia to Liberia and eventually aback to New York. Winograd reappears at the end, in a attenuate instance of continuity, to accomplish Cleveland a job offer. All this is announced through stagy, affected chat (Uncle Tomspeak for the atramentous characters at the start; the Queen's English, I say, for the Brits) and anecdotic passages with added holes and accidental amount than a bedraggled spaghetti strainer. Area readers are declared to infer, they charge instead guess, assume, and misunderstand what is activity on until the black end. The capacity are burst by accidental and abstract ``Interludes''--A Scientific Interlude, An Historical Interlude, A Demented Interlude, etc. A Lucid Interlude and some articular anecdotal passages would accept been welcome. Attempting to apprehend Jim Dandy is like aggravating to accumulate and drive the decayed debris of an alone junkyard jalopy. You're bigger off renting a bones than aggravating to jump-start this lemon.

Hollis Cleveland is a resourceful African American dealing with life in 1936--facing Harlem gangsters, the advancement of fascism and Nazism in Europe, the Italo-Ethiopian War--in a manner that raises moral questions about race, national interest, loyalty, and good and evil.

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