IRVING BERLIN ~ A Daughter\'s Memoir

IRVING BERLIN  ~ A Daughter\'s Memoir

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Book review and technical detail IRVING BERLIN ~ A Daughter\'s Memoir Mary Ellin Barrett

Technical detail of IRVING BERLIN ~ A Daughter\'s Memoir
IRVING BERLIN ~ A Daughter\'s Memoir
author Mary Ellin Barrett
ISBN 106681
Language English
Category Entertainment & Sports
Pages 0
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 Activity with father, glossing over the bad times and trumpeting the good. Although billed as a annual of her father, this is absolutely Barrett's story, a amusement of a adequate apple of family, and friends, and small, active follies. Irving Berlin (18881989) was about 40 and already a acknowledged songwriter back he eloped with the 23-year-old association belle Ellin MacKay. The adventure was broadly covered because of the alterity in their backgrounds: he, a Lower East Side Jewish immigrant who formed in the average acreage of ``entertainment''; she, the babe of abundance and privilege, whose Catholic ancestor cut her out of his will back he abstruse of her marriage. Their aboriginal daughter, Mary Ellin, was built-in 11 months later, in 1926, and this memoir-autobiography primarily covers the aeon from her adolescence to her marriage. Thus, she misses the affecting adventure of Berlin's acceleration to the top as a Broadway composer; indeed, the advantage of Berlin the artist is slight, bound mostly to memories of aperture night anxiety and aside tinklings advancing from the pianist's study. Barrett touches aloft her father's aboriginal Hollywood years in the backward '20s and aboriginal '30s, including his acclaimed array for the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers cartage Follow the Fleet and Top Hat, his prewar Broadway triumphs, decidedly the hit As Thousands Cheer, a abundant annual of his Apple War IIera labor-of-love assembly of This Is the Army, demography him to the battlefields of Italy and the South Pacific as performer/promoter/songwriter, his postwar hits, including the archetypal Annie Get Your Gun, and his final accelerate into retirement. There are glimpses of Berlin's business dealings, but alone as abroad rumbles that sometimes abashed calm life. Berlin is portrayed as an acutely private, afflicted man, either manically artistic or acutely depressed, adversity from abiding insomnia, who had alone a bare accord with his daughter. This annual succeeds on a baby scale, as a daughter's ability beyond time to anamnesis her adolescence and accomplish a final attack to affix with her father. (b&w photos, not seen)

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