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Book review and technical detail I MET A MAN WHO WASN'T THERE ~ Mary Rose Callaghan

Technical detail of I MET A MAN WHO WASN'T THERE ~
author Mary Rose Callaghan
ISBN 118433
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd
Pages 297
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 In Callaghan's latest (Mothers, 1984, etc.), the absolute turns surreal as an emotionally addled Irish biographer and teacher, stalked by the apparition of her long-dead Irish-American grandfather, investigates an old abomination alone to get into added abreast trouble. Anne O'Brien, a bestselling biographer of Irish actual romances, is on her way to booty up a teaching appointment at a Pennsylvania academy back a man akin her grandfather, Marcus Quilligan O'Neil, appears. At aboriginal she thinks that she's absurd him, for no one abroad can see him. Could he be a artefact of her bubbler or her distress, both induced by her abhorrence that her bedmate Fergal is dating a adolescent woman? Then the old man appears at a cousin's abode and additionally ancestor up afresh at the college. He is, indeed, it turns out, Marcus's ghost, and he pesters Anne to address his biography. She's afraid to undertake the activity but finds herself researching his life, in allotment because her dying mother had told her that Marcus had never been a able father. Suspecting animal abuse, Anne begins her sleuthing. The analysis is additionally an befalling to accord a abrupt reprise of the Irish acquaintance in the New World as the biographer describes how Marcus, built-in in America afterwards his ancestors had fled the famine, took assorted jobs, some unsavory, to acquire abundant money to pay for charge at Yale Law. Once graduated, he confused to New York, accomplished bent law, became allotment of the Tammany Hall machine, and was adored for his adherence by Woodrow Wilson with an ambassadorship to the Dominican Republic. In present time, an activity with a sexually calumniating colleague, the irritations of bookish political correctness, the attempted suicide of a able student, and Marcus's apparitional visitations about abort Anne, but bedmate Fergal's fidelity, anew assured, and a new book abstraction end her ordeal. A amusing and alluringly wry advocate afflicted by a adventure that has added plots and subplots than an afternoon soap.

Book by Callaghan, Mary Rose

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