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Book review and technical detail HOOPI SHOOPI DONNA ~ Suzanne Strempek Shea

Technical detail of HOOPI SHOOPI DONNA ~
author Suzanne Strempek Shea
ISBN 118111
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher Atria
Pages 368
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 A aces aftereffect (titled afterwards the American accentuation of a Polish polka) to Shea's able admission (Selling the Lite of Heaven, 1994); again, the columnist captures the spirit of an alone Polish-Catholic association and homes in on one acclaimed family. Donna Milewski is a almost agreeable 14-year-old--until her parents adjudge to accept her cousin, six-year-old Elzbieta--the babe of Donna's father's brother, who can no best abutment his ancestors aback in Poland. Donna is clashing about the newcomer (called Betty in Massachusetts), but back Betty follows Donna on her aboriginal date and gets them both hit by an out-of-control truck, her blessed actuality abruptly ends. In the accident's aftermath, Donna gets abhorrent for actuality irresponsible, Betty--thought to accept adored Donna--becomes a heroine, and the media goes crazy over the adventurous immigrant adolescent who risked all to save her new ``sister,'' alike giving the Milewskis a new home. No one bothers to ask Donna what happened (and she can't allege for six weeks, her burst jaw active shut), so it's never apparent that it was Donna who adored Betty--and no one believes her back she after tries to explain. Meanwhile, Donna's ancestor anon transfers all his angel to Betty--for affidavit unexplained. Although both girls balance physically, already Donna graduates from aerial academy she moves out of her parents' abode and never speaks to her ancestor again. It will booty his death--and an all-girl polka bandage she forms on an old friend's suggestion--before she can assuredly appear to agreement with her father, Betty, the accident, and a affair that's been cat-and-mouse appropriate abutting door. Until the antic finale, back Betty's sister Aniela, a Donna look-alike from Poland, appears and offers a awful doubtful account for Donna's father's blamable behavior, this is a sometimes rollicking, sometimes heartbreaking, finer arbitrary read. (Author tour; radio accessory tour)

The accordian-playing apple of her father's eye, young Donna Milewski struggles with a painful estrangement from her father after the arrival of her adorable and destitute Polish cousin, a situation that is alleviated by their shared love of music.

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