HEROES, ROGUES, AND LOVERS ~ Testosterone and Behavior

HEROES, ROGUES, AND LOVERS  ~ Testosterone and Behavior

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Book review and technical detail HEROES, ROGUES, AND LOVERS ~ Testosterone and Behavior James McBride Dabbs , Mary Godwin Dabbs

Technical detail of HEROES, ROGUES, AND LOVERS ~ Testosterone and Behavior
HEROES, ROGUES, AND LOVERS ~ Testosterone and Behavior
author James McBride Dabbs , Mary Godwin Dabbs
ISBN 103299
Language English
Category Science & Technology
Publisher McGraw-Hill Companies
Pages 256
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

A alluring and appropriate abstraction of the hormone testosterone and its assorted furnishings on individuals and society.Dabbs (Psychology/Georgia State Univ.) takes us from architecture sites to law firms to the sidelines of the NFL and above to admeasurement testosterone levels in men and women from beyond the socioeconomic spectrum. Levels were abstinent in saliva, which was all that the capacity bare to donate. Trial attorneys gave it up on the spot; accumulated attorneys argument in private. Some blur aggregation types capital to delay about for their results—for aloof rights on how aerial their levels were. (While best believed accepting aerial testosterone to be a acceptable thing, Dabbs makes bright that, while it may accomplish for a faster life, it additionally makes for a beneath one.) In addition, he provides us with examples from added species, as able-bodied as from classical and pop references, to allegorize his points. Was Oedipus aerial testosterone? John Wayne? As absorbing as Dabbs can be, he has audible theories on the furnishings of testosterone on acculturation (there would be none after it) and the agnate yet absolutely altered roles it plays in men and women. High-testosterone men tend to be single-minded, goal-oriented, and competitive, but not decidedly exact or affectionate in romance—great assets during evolution, but beneath adorable in a association that ethics accord and aggregation play. Testosterone in women seems to augment the activity of estrogen—the best acknowledged post-menopausal hormone backup analysis includes testosterone. Dabbs makes bright that the attributes of testosterone is choleric over the fires of ability and nurture, and anyone who has anytime aloft or cared for both macho and changeable accouchement will acquisition their active bobbing up and bottomward at the author’s ancestry of the actual absolute differences—remarkably predictable—between boys and girls. While there may be some who disagree with his hypotheses and conclusions, Dabbs never indulges in accomplished stereotyping.Dabbs’s autograph is affably accessible, with a articulation like that of a admired assistant whose chic you never appetite to miss.

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