GUS VAN SANT ~ An Unauthorized Biography

GUS VAN SANT  ~ An Unauthorized Biography

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Book review and technical detail GUS VAN SANT ~ An Unauthorized Biography James Robert Parish

Technical detail of GUS VAN SANT ~ An Unauthorized Biography
GUS VAN SANT ~ An Unauthorized Biography
author James Robert Parish
ISBN 108220
Language English
Category Entertainment & Sports
Publisher Da Capo Press
Pages 320
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

A abounding columnist of Hollywood advertence books and crooked celebrity bios (Rosie: Rosie O'Donnell's Biography, 1997, etc.) actuality cobbles calm accessory sources and interviews with borderline above colleagues (plus Van Sant’s father) for an overview of the filmmaker's activity that is beneath a adventures than a collage.Born in Louisville in 1952, Gus Van Sant Jr. was almost a year old aback his ancestors confused west to board his father's ascent career in the men's-apparel business. In 1962, they acclimatized in flush Darien, Connecticut; there, accomplished by the apish advisers at his accessible aerial school, teenaged Gus fabricated his aboriginal abbreviate film. After admission from the Rhode Island Academy of Design, he spent his mid-20s abominably gluttonous assignment in Hollywood. His aboriginal film, though, bankrolled by Dad, failed. Van Sant confused aback to Darien and formed at a Manhattan ad bureau afore branch west again, this time to Portland, Oregon. His self-financed Mala Noche (1985), based on a atypical about a Portland man's admiration with young, Mexican macho hustlers, was acclaimed at gay and lesbian blur festivals and helped win a flat blooming ablaze for his abutting project, Drugstore Cowboy. Van Sant's acceptability as an aboveboard gay, Portland-based absolute filmmaker was durably accustomed by the time My Own Private Idaho was appear in 1991. Expounding in abyss about River Phoenix's declared biologic use during the cutting of that film, Parish suggests, with little axiomatic justification, that Van Sant was aback amenable for the actor's death. No bigger justified is the author’s abashing over how a man with an upper-middle-class accomplishments could accomplish films about macho prostitutes and biologic addicts. Admitting this is mostly an uninformative mix of communicative belief and arid archive of events, notable primarily for its abridgement of aboriginal research, Parish at atomic conveys a faculty of Van Sant's adherence to his art during his angular years.Repetitious and anecdotal, alternating amid hagiography and bewilderment.

Enigmatic, retiring, and openly gay, Gus Van Sant is one of the best-known independent filmmakers. An active and honored director for two decades, noted for his rapport with actors, Van Sant nevertheless remains aloof from Hollywood, preferring to live and write in Portland, OR. Extensively researched and based on interviews with the director, Gus Van Sant examines his career from the inauspicious debut Mala Noche to the haunting Drugstore Cowboy; from the angst-ridden My Own Private Idaho and the mainstream black comedy To Die For to the Oscar-nominated Good Will Hunting and the high-profile Finding Forrester. Van Sant remains committed to exploring themes of the outsider and presenting an idiosyncratic vision in an unobtrusive but compelling style. Equally important, under Van Sant's guidance many actors (Matt Dillon, River Phoenix, Keanu Reeves, Nicole Kidman, Matt Damon, and acclaimed newcomer Robert Brown, whom Van Sant discovered) have done their best work. The first full-length biography of the Oscar nominated director, author Parish has interviewed Van Sant exclusively for this book.

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