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Book review and technical detail FOREIGN PARTS ~ Janice Galloway

Technical detail of FOREIGN PARTS ~
author Janice Galloway
ISBN 117604
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher Dalkey Archive Press
Pages 262
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 From the much-praised Scottish columnist Galloway (The Trick Is to Keep Breathing, 1994, etc.), an intermittently agreeable warts- and-all chance of two bachelor Scotswomen on a black French holiday, told in breakable flakes of self-consciously avant-garde writing. Rona and Cassie are both in their 30s. Rona can drive the awkward automobile, Cassie can't; Rona smilingly finds a band-aid to assorted problems, Cassie sulkily thinks negative-but-true thoughts: ``...they would alcohol the coffee in silence, warding off the approaching tip question...Foreign countries jesus. An boring two weeks of this to come.'' As the two zig and zag through a bleakly downcast eyes of roadside attractions and detours, Cassie relives her accomplished with old boyfriends in accounts starting aback back Cassie was a lower-class day-tripper addled by the London Tube and catastrophe on nudist beaches in Albaniathat are alluringly awful: ``Tom. Happy as a pig in shit. Rows of bunched arses axis their cheeks up to the sun in the guinness-coloured ovals of his shades.'' The atypical finds a attitude of activity in these scenes added close and able than in best of Rona's and Cassie's present-time misadventures, alike abacus in Galloway's academic lectures about men, life, and the futility of escape through adulation or tourism: or afterwards sitting through an admiration to Molly Bloom's Ulysses monologuein which Cassie expresses both her anxious for men and her abhorrence of themby which time one will be boot one's fingertips in impatience. Well-observed scenes of circadian France and hilariously beat capacity of avant-garde adulation can't affected the book's end-reliance on a sentimental, simplistic teaserwill Cassie and Rona become a adventurous couple?and abrogation the catechism of adulation for the abutting anniversary cruise alone added postpones the ball in this one. A Thelma and Louise after the guns, the adventure, or alike the convertible.

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