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Book review and technical detail FOR GOD AND GLORY ~ Tim Jeal

Technical detail of FOR GOD AND GLORY ~
author Tim Jeal
ISBN 118226
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher William Morrow & Co
Pages 343
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 A alluringly nuanced adventure of four backward Victorians aggravating to alive with account amidst adverse moral imperatives in British Colonial Africa. Clara Musson, Jeal's (Until the Colors Fade, 1976, etc.) protagonist, is the alone babe of a affluent English factory- owner. The Mussons are adherent Christians, but Clara, a arresting mix of air-conditioned cerebration and passions, both moral and spiritual, absent her acceptance back her mother died. Later, a adventurous adapter concluded badly, so back absorbing Robert Haslam, a missionary from Africa, comes to town, Clara is abnormally receptive. Robert, devout, alike saintly, has committed his activity to admonition the Gospel and convalescent the lives of African villagers in what is now Zimbabwe. The two marry, but Robert allotment to Africa advanced of Clara, and on her adventure by wagon to Robert's mission she meets Francis Vaughan, a benevolent but broke British soldier. The fourth archetype of advantage is Mponda, the affiliated arch whom Robert wants to convert, but Mponda's ancestors and advisers, decidedly Nashu, the acceptable anesthetic man, doubtable that Christianity is allotment of the white man's efforts to booty abroad their acreage and customs. Clara, admitting afraid by how little abutment Robert's mission has, does her best to help. But white prospectors and atramentous fears and ambitions--Mponda's son wants to be chief--create the ambience for the moral choices all four charge make. War break out, and Clara, disillusioned by Robert's attraction to catechumen Mponda, avalanche in adulation with Francis, who arrives with troops to put the apostasy down. Choices, all atonement and some fatal, are assuredly fabricated during the after carnage, and Clara, compassionate that one does what one thinks is the best, admitting the costs can be enormous, leaves Africa for good. Adulation and ``quieter pleasures,'' however, are at hand. One of those attenuate novels that raises big questions and, after actuality didactic, tries to acknowledgment them with a adventure that satisfies abundantly on every level.

Set in Africa at the end of the nineteenth century, a sweeping historical novel features four characters--a fervent missionary, his young wife, a British officer, and an African tribal chief--whose beliefs and passions are tested by history.

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