ECOVIEWS ~ Snakes, Snails, and Environmental Tales

ECOVIEWS  ~ Snakes, Snails, and Environmental Tales

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Book review and technical detail ECOVIEWS ~ Snakes, Snails, and Environmental Tales Whit Gibbons , illustrated Anne R. Gibbons

Technical detail of ECOVIEWS ~ Snakes, Snails, and Environmental Tales
ECOVIEWS ~ Snakes, Snails, and Environmental Tales
author Whit Gibbons , illustrated Anne R. Gibbons
ISBN 102902
Language English
Category Science & Technology
Publisher University Alabama Press
Pages 168
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 Musings on the environment, particularly that of the southeastern US, delivered with an easy fireside manner, from the Gibbonses (he's author of Their Blood Runs Cold, not reviewed; she's a freelance editor). It is unlikely there's anything in these pages that hasn't been said before, much of it frequently and in more impressive prose, but it is impossible to deny the Gibbonses' enthusiasm for their topic: the protection of biodiversity. They see as their mission the firing of young imaginations to create an attitude that considers the protection of biodiversity estimable and commonsensical. To this end they spin out the web-of-life theories and the value-of- species-diversity theories most readers will already know (though often with a decidely anthropocentric cast: ``Perhaps the most important reason we should care about the environment is that natural habitats and wildlife are an essential foundation for human culture''). But where the Gibbonses will likely make their impact is in deploying ecological curiosities and vagaries peculiar to the American Southeast (he teaches at the University of Georgia) to make their point, a niche that hasn't been overexplored in popular environmental literature. There is fascinating material here on cottonmouths abroad in winter; how it is that aquatic turtles unerringly locate the next-closest body of water (``Do they look up at the sky and somehow perceive light reflected from the surface of the water?''); why one should never pause when slinging a seven-foot whipsnake between one's legs (which, of course, begs the bigger question). These are enthralling regional tidbits, the kind of stuff that makes readers yearn for more, for the big picture. (illustrations, not seen)

The authors offer a fun-to-read perspective on natural history, ecology as a field of study, and the current environmental issues that face our communities and the world.This lively and entertaining book provides a fascinating and thought-provoking look at the ecology of animals, plants, and their habitats and promotes awareness of pressing environmental issues. The eight informative chapters deliver effective environmental messages and supply compelling insight into the natural world and the ecologists who investigate its many mysteries.From a concerned ecological stance, the authors show that human relationship with other organisms and the environment is always complex and can be exhilarating, inspiring, humorous, and irritating, depending on perspectives and circumstances. Writing truly to inform and delight, they give a captivating variety of examples from the natural world in hopes of making readers of all ages more compassionate, more tolerant, and more sensitive to other living organisms and their interrelationships. The book celebrates the intrinsic worth of all plants and animals in order to motivate people in a unified effort to preserve the Earth's rich array of life forms. The preservation of the integrity of our planet's biodiversity is, the authors illustrate, critical to our own survival.

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