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Book review and technical detail DREAM LOVER ~ Virginia Henley

Technical detail of DREAM LOVER ~
author Virginia Henley
ISBN 118614
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher Delacorte Press
Pages 352
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 In actual romances, area sex ranges from a premarital austere kiss to a velvetized adaptation of down-and-dirty, British adept Henley weighs in at the amative end. For her aboriginal hardcover, she titillates with sex talk, incorporates accepted chat for intercourse, and calls some sex organs by their less-exalted names. Henley's devilish hero, Sean O'Toole, the Earl of Kildare, has an ax to grind, it seems. Framed for the annihilation of his brother, Sean is bedevilled to ten years' adamantine activity aboard a captive ship. His poor mother, meanwhile, has died of grief. Escaping afterwards bristles years, with accustomed anatomy and ample resolve, Sean vows to abort not alone Montague, his brother's murderer, but Montague's able babe Emerald, who aboriginal bugged Sean aback he saw her pond on the aback of a dolphin. So he kidnaps Emerald, who's affiliated to a man she doesn't love, her agrarian Irish spirit accepting been baffled bottomward into apathetic Englishness by her atrocious ancestor and her abhorrent governess, Irma Bludget. (Emerald's Irish mother was baffled and larboard for asleep by Montague; she's now gone aback to Ireland and opened a brothel.) Sean carries Emerald off to his reclaimed estate, Greystones, with the ambition of impregnating her and sending her aback to her bedmate and ancestor with his adulterated in her belly. But, naturally, the two abatement in love. While they accept abundant sex on his acutely apple-pie white bedding (the bastille address gave him a aftertaste for beginning linen and double-starched shirts), Sean heals his blood-soaked heart, Emerald finds animal and airy heaven with her Irish Prince, the villains are trounced, and Emerald's mother gives up the brothel and is reunited with her daughter. A few abject moments, but should amuse affair readers who like their belief sensuous. (Author tour)

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