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Book review and technical detail CONVOY HOMEWARD ~ Philip McCutchan

Technical detail of CONVOY HOMEWARD ~
author Philip McCutchan
ISBN 115844
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher St Martins Pr
Pages 182
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 The badly abounding and thoroughly reliable McCutchan continues his WW II accompany chance with a sixth chance for Commodore Kemp (Convoy of Fear, etc.). John Mason Kemp is the chief captain of a steamship band who, in peacetime, allowable UK-to-Australia cruises; but now he's been fabricated a accompany commodore, the administrator in allegation of non-naval ships bringing troops and food to a besieged Great Britain. Sailing in his above command Aurelian Star, Kemp's present allegation is to captain from Ceylon with food and again to aces up built-in troops, German POWs, and a scattering of colonial refugees from an East African port, all for commitment in Liverpool. As usual, there'll be packs of Nazi U-boats in both the Indian and Atlantic oceans, but on this cruise there'll additionally be the blackmail of a German abundant cruiser. Kemp's argosy escorts will assure the accompany as best they can, but they won't be able to accomplish the accomplished trip. Kemp will accept to adjure for the appropriate accession of a battleship from home already he gets to the dangers of the North Atlantic. In accession to the German navy, the commodore is bedeviled by worries about his sailor sons and by the half-mad Brigadier Pumphrey-Hatton, who gave him so abundant agitation in the aftermost Accompany novel. Among the cartage on this cruise are a frail, retired army couple, a noncombatant lush, and a woman who is no bigger than she should be. Below decks, Petty Administrator Ramm worries about his wife and sweetheart active into anniversary added aback home; Petty Administrator Chatfield stews about his adolescent wife and the bearding belletrist he's been getting; and Seaman Biggar worries that Brigadier Pumphrey-Hatton will admit him as his adventitious aggressor on a boozy liberty. As always, McCutchan runs a bound ship.

His ship laden with a cargo of German POWs, Brigadier Pumphrey-Hatton struggles to make it back to the British shores before the U-boats find him.

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