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Book review and technical detail CONCOURSE ~ S.J. Rozan

Technical detail of CONCOURSE ~
author S.J. Rozan
ISBN 117657
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher Minotaur Books
Pages 280
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 Chinatown p.i. Lydia Chin's ancient accomplice Bill Smith (China Trade, 1994) takes over as narrator and arch investigator in this account of annihilation and worse at the Bronx Home for the Aged. Bill is alleged in to get the analgesic of his old mentor's nephew and employee, aegis bouncer Mike Downey; but it's anon accessible that Downey's annihilation is alone a tiny allotment of a acutely bent puzzlea addle that ranges from real-estate scams to extortion aerial (a sweetheart accord amid Helping Hands, which runs the Home and added appropriately Homey institutions, with a bounded hospital for accidental procedures) and low (protection payoffs to the gun-toting Cobra gang), with bribery at every akin in between. The three alongside monsters in allegation of befitting the pot boilinghead Cobra Anthony ``Snake'' LeMoyne; Helping Hands dragon Francine Wyckoff; and animated Andy Hill (``call me Andy''), Community Liaison to the Bronx Borough Presidentare so hypnotically absorbing that you about balloon that Bill himself, who plays Schubert and dreams of a bigger Bronx, is a abundant beneath absorbing cheat than Lydia. Richly and rewardingly plottedthough, as in Bill and Lydia's debut, there are as abounding felonies and perps as on the eleven o'clock news.

A murder at a nursing home in the Bronx's once stately, now decayed, Grand Concourse sends Bill Smith and his Asian-American partner, Lydia Chin on a hunt for a brutal killer. By the author of China Trade.

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