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Book review and technical detail CIGARETTES ARE SUBLIME ~ Richard Klein

Technical detail of CIGARETTES ARE SUBLIME ~
author Richard Klein
ISBN 106419
Language English
Category Entertainment & Sports
Publisher Duke University Press Books
Pages 232
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 Many people, chief to abdicate smoking, go algid turkey; others use nicotine gum or a patch. Klein (French/Cornell), however, has taken a different approach: the autograph of this learned, elegant, and absurd assay of--and ``elegy'' for--the cigarette. Smokers smoke not aloof for the nicotine, contends Klein, but also--perhaps primarily--because cigarettes action ``a darkly beautiful, accordingly aching amusement that arises from some allusion of eternity.'' By acceding admission to this sublimity- -which the columnist says can transform alike one's accord to time (``cigarettes are ablaze batons with which you can arouse the approaching and conduct it'')--smoking becomes a allegorical act, a ``dance'' performed amid the smoker, the cigarette, and the world; furthermore, it's alone by alive this ball in all its attraction that a smoker can again abdicate it. Klein examines smoking's allegorical admiral through a advanced ambit of cultural references, from Sartre to MallarmC, Bizet's Carmen, and Casablanca. Crucial to his altercation is his assay of the aboriginal affiliate of Italo Svevo's 1923 novel, The Confessions of Zeno, in which the narrator recalls his activity as a alternation of health-oriented resolutions to abdicate smoking- -each resolution followed consistently by addition cigarette. It's alone when, as an old man, he realizes that he's already healthy--i.e., alive--and that smoker is aloof one way of life, that he quits. In fact, holds Klein, it's not the dream of bloom that primarily drives America's accepted antismoking campaigns; rather, it's moralists' censorship of cigarettes' ``discursive performance,'' which ahead has ``regularly been affiliated to able currents of animal and political freedom.'' Some ability acquisition all this aloof a smoke awning ambuscade addiction's raw grip--but, alike so, it's a admirable one, abounding of adorable whirls of argumentation and puffs of insight; moreover, Klein claims that the autograph of it has accustomed him to quit, ``definitively.'' (Photographs--not seen)

Cigarettes are bad for you; that is why they are so good. With its origins in the author’s urgent desire to stop smoking, Cigarettes Are Sublime offers a provocative look at the literary, philosophical, and cultural history of smoking. Richard Klein focuses on the dark beauty, negative pleasures, and exacting benefits attached to tobacco use and to cigarettes in particular. His appreciation of paradox and playful use of hyperbole lead the way on this aptly ambivalent romp through the cigarette in war, movies (the "Humphrey Bogart cigarette"), literature, poetry, and the reflections of Sartre to show that cigarettes are a mixed blessing, precisely sublime.

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