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Book review and technical detail BROTHER JACOB ~ Henrik Stangerup

Technical detail of BROTHER JACOB ~
author Henrik Stangerup
ISBN 116070
Language English
Category Fiction & Literature
Publisher Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd
Pages 280
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 Danish biographer Stangerup completes a leash here--a set of works based on Kierkegaard's compassionate of the Tripartite Man. The Road to Lagoa Santa (1984) represented, with its capital appearance Peter Lund, the ``ethical man''; Peter Moller in The Seducer (1990) stood in for the ``aesthetical man''; and now Stangerup comes to the ``religious man''--choosing not Kierkegaard himself (too daunting) but the 16th-century Franciscan Brother Jacob, son of Queen Christine and King Hans of Denmark. Back Lutheranism topples the Catholic monarchy, the monasteries are bankrupt and the monks go underground or leave the country. Jacob, an abnormally independent-minded man, can't see himself acclimatized to the sterility of the apostolic orders in Italy or Spain yet can't accept the Reformation either--and so, in chase of Utopia, he goes to Mexico. There, his affection to and abysmal compassionate of the Taraskan Indians makes him a saint in their eyes; back he dies, he's active abroad by the Indians, his burying abode to this day a anxiously attentive secret. Stangerup is a active actual writer, with every i dotted and every t beyond authentically, but he is overgiven to arbitrary and flatness. These three books accomplish an incontestable case for Danish character in history, but their acceptable intentions (the Kierkegaard scheme) are never absolutely accomplished into fiction of appropriate adjacency or aerial relief.

A Denmark best-seller features a real-life human experience of God in history as Brother Jacob flees to Mexico in search of his own Utopia, establishes hospitals, and champions the rights of the Amerindians before his faith is put to a final test.

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