BLACKS AND JEWS ~ Alliances and Arguments

BLACKS AND JEWS  ~ Alliances and Arguments

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Book review and technical detail BLACKS AND JEWS ~ Alliances and Arguments edited Paul Berman

Technical detail of BLACKS AND JEWS ~ Alliances and Arguments
BLACKS AND JEWS ~ Alliances and Arguments
author edited Paul Berman
ISBN 109277
Language English
Category Current Affairs
Publisher Delacorte Press
Pages 303
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 This angst-ridden accumulation of essays reviews the aftermost 30 years of bookish brainwork about relations amid blacks and Jews. Berman (editor of Debating PC, not reviewed) has called 19 essays by acclaimed atramentous and Jewish writers to actualize an capital ``literature'' of this advancing dialogue. Divided into four rather vaguely blue-blooded sections (``Several Controversies,'' ``Philosophical Observations,'' etc.), the accumulating focuses on the amusing history of interrelations amid atramentous anti-Semitism and Jewish racism in America. While a half-dozen pieces actuality are new, abounding are abstract in the field, such as James Baldwin's 1967 commodity ``Negroes Are Anti-Semitic Because They're Anti-White'' and Norman Podhoretz's 1963 article, ``My Negro Problem--and Ours.'' Other notable contributors accommodate Cynthia Ozick, Cornel West, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Leon Wieseltier, alarm hooks, and Shelby Steele. Among the best accepted capacity are: the ``golden days'' of black-Jewish cooperation during the civilian rights era; the aftereffect of white flight on burghal atramentous communities; the growing bread-and-butter alienation amid blacks and Jews; atramentous accord for Palestinians beneath Israeli rule; the Crown Heights riots of 1991; and common anti-Semitic animadversion fabricated by Nation of Islam baton Louis Farrakhan. While anniversary commodity on its own is absolutely valuable, the accumulating does not add up to added than the sum of its parts; Berman neglects to draw any abstracts from the black-Jewish debate. Two of the volume's aboriginal pieces, however, angle out. Joe Woods's ``The Problem Negro and Other Tales,'' a ambrosial appraisal of Podhoretz's crisis about his own Jewishness, is a acceptable barring to the about analytic tone, and Julius Lester, in ``The Lives People Live,'' is the alone columnist to outline a effective advance of activity to boldness accepted problems afflictive black-Jewish relations. A advantageous accession to the advertence shelf of volumes that agitation advancing indigenous issues but extend no solutions.

Essays written from the sixties to the present by such leaders of the Jewish and African-American communities as Cynthia Ozick, Shelby Steele, and Cornell West trace the complex, sometimes troubled relationship of American Jews and blacks. National ad/promo.

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