BEYOND UHURA ~ Star Trek and Other Memories

BEYOND UHURA  ~ Star Trek and Other Memories

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Book review and technical detail BEYOND UHURA ~ Star Trek and Other Memories Nichelle Nichols

Technical detail of BEYOND UHURA ~ Star Trek and Other Memories
BEYOND UHURA ~ Star Trek and Other Memories
author Nichelle Nichols
ISBN 107426
Language English
Category Biography & Memoir
Publisher G. P. Putnam's Sons
Pages 320
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 One of the aboriginal atramentous women to brilliant in a television alternation (``Star Trek'') provides a admired annotation on racism in the business, forth with abundant bonbon belief about friends, fans, and family. Growing up in Robbins, a black-populated and black-governed boondocks aloof alfresco of Chicago, Nichols began her singing and dancing career at the age of 14, touring nightclubs for abounding years. Nichols met Gene Roddenberry, afterwards the ambassador of ``Star Trek,'' in 1963 back she was casting in an adventure of one of his aboriginal television series. Her accord with the affiliated Roddenberry bound angry into an affair. Nichols concluded it back she apparent he was seeing addition else, although by her account, Roddenberry never absolutely forgave her for walking away. Nichols faced abundant ancestral and sexist barriers throughout her career, including battle with the blimp shirts of NBC about her role in ``Star Trek.'' Only afterwards Nichols agreed to assurance the arrangement did NBC admiral apprentice that Roddenberry advised to appoint a atramentous woman as fourth in command on the Enterprise. They banned to annual the contract, but Roddenberry was chargeless to appoint her on a circadian basis, which he did throughout the series. Nichols admits accepting acquainted ashamed not to be alive beneath the aforementioned agreement as the blow of the cast. Nichols additionally reveals the bouldered accord she and the absolute casting had with William Shatner. Even admitting she occasionally offers affectionate words about Shatner's appearance and abilities, for the best allotment he is portrayed as aloof and bossy. Nichols occasionally takes herself too seriously. Her speeches at ``Star Trek'' conventions generally addressed the approaching of the amplitude program. By her account, ``often, by the end of my speech, the admirers would be crying, and I would be crying. Then we'd all be laughing.'' Nichols's adventure aloof doesn't accept the accepted bite from the woman complex with the aboriginal televised interracial kiss. But Trekkers will adulation the gossip. (40 b&w photos, not seen) (Author tour)

The first African-American woman to have a major, continuing television role tells the inside story of Star Trek and its creator--her onetime lover and lifelong friend--and her struggle to overcome racism and bias against women. 100,000 first printing.

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