A TREMOR OF BLISS ~ Contemporary Writers on the Saints

A TREMOR OF BLISS  ~ Contemporary Writers on the Saints

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Book review and technical detail A TREMOR OF BLISS ~ Contemporary Writers on the Saints edited Paul Elie

Technical detail of A TREMOR OF BLISS ~ Contemporary Writers on the Saints
A TREMOR OF BLISS ~ Contemporary Writers on the Saints
author edited Paul Elie
ISBN 107450
Language English
Category Biography & Memoir
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pages 300
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

 Lambent book and a accepted abridgement of corruption characterize these essays on the Catholic assize of saints. Each of the 20 abreast authors whom FSG abettor editor Elie has accumulated actuality centers his or her addition on a accurate angelic man or woman--usually a saint for whom they were called or whom they accept adopted as a patron. The Catholic acquaintance predominates, but Elie intersperses added perspectives. After a advantageous addition by Robert Coles, Bruce Bawer sets the clip with a accomplished article on St. Francis of Assisi, artfully bond a biographical annual with a claimed brainwork on the acquaint he teaches. Kathryn Harrison follows with a bull account of how her namesake, St. Catherine, aggressive in her an anorectic self-abnegation. Literary types may be afflicted by Richard Bausch's epiphany of Thomas Aquinas as apotheosis both of acceptance and of the avant-garde spirit--achieved, Bausch lets us know, through the arbitration of his acquaintance Walker Percy. Francine Book writes about Saint Teresa of vila by absorption on the acutely absurd angle of irony; Tobias Wolff, in contrast, presents a best aboveboard saint, the adventuresome Jean de BrCbeuf, martyred amid the North American Indians. Additionally in the Americas, Enrique Fern†ndez discusses Cuba's santer°a religion, an Afro-Caribbean anatomy of saint adoration that provides an absorbing counterpoint to the added acceptable Christianity beneath altercation elsewhere. Editor Elie builds a summa of sainthood about his contempo appointment with the amount of Doubting Thomas, in the anatomy of a Renaissance brownish of Thomas with Christ. A appraisal of the official Church sanction of account comes in Martin E. Marty's attending at the still accursed Dorothy Day, architect of the Catholic Worker movement. Valuable for inspiration, but additionally for information--the capacity of the lives and deaths of abounding saints are here, refracted through 20 idiosyncratic, generally able credibility of view.

Few stories are as cherished- and as contested-as the lives of the saints: the joyful St. Francis of Assai, the steadfast St. Joseph, the mystical St. Therese of Lisieux. In this book twenty distinguished writers explore the deep and varying responses the saints inspire in us today. Richard Bausch recalls going with Walker Percy to a church named for St. Thomas Aquinas, where they, like the saint, sought to reconcile reason and faith; Tobias Wolff ponders St. Jean de Brebeuf, a Jesuit missionary whose faithful efforts to spread the Gospel placed him in opposition to Native Americans; Francine Prose celebrates St. Teresa of Avila as a woman whose sense of irony was a virtue as saintly as her prayerfullness. In these eloquent and moving essays, the saints emerge as fascinating paradoxes: like Eliot's St. Thomas a Becket, they have had a "tremor of bliss," but they must fight all-too-mortal battles with despair, social indifference, and harness of heart. By turns historical and personal, contemplative and matter-of-fact, this provocative collection of contemporary writing poses spiritual questions with uncommon intelligence and grace.

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