SEX CHANGES ~ A Memoir of Marriage, Gender, and Moving On

SEX CHANGES  ~ A Memoir of Marriage, Gender, and Moving On

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Book review and technical detail SEX CHANGES ~ A Memoir of Marriage, Gender, and Moving On Christine Benvenuto

Technical detail of SEX CHANGES ~ A Memoir of Marriage, Gender, and Moving On
SEX CHANGES ~ A Memoir of Marriage, Gender, and Moving On
author Christine Benvenuto
ISBN 96228
Category Psychology
Publisher St. Martin's Press
Pages 304
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

The brave, generally funny annual of how a woman came to agreement with her husband's accommodation to become female. When Benvenuto apparent that Tracey, her bedmate of 20 years, capital to alive as a woman, she was shocked. Suddenly, their aggregate closet became abounding with women's clothes alignment from "tarty and adolescent [to] bourgeois and average aged.” The columnist watched with a admixture of sadness, action and abhorrence as her bedmate began atom his anatomy beard and demography the hormones that would account him to lose weight and assuredly accuse of "fatigue, abdomen ailments and dizziness.” As difficult as it was for her to see Tracey's transformations, it was alike added ambagious for her two adolescent daughters and her pre-adolescent son. Was Daddy a man, a woman or, as her toddler asked, a "guy-woman"? Friends (especially changeable ones), therapists and alike the associates of a Jewish association accumulation to which the brace belonged all seemed to ancillary with Tracey and his struggles. Few accepted Benvenuto's own awkward position as a "transwidow" or the actuality that she was afraid to carbon her accomplished activity with him so that Tracey could become "she.” The columnist assuredly afar Tracey. Alike in the aftermath, however, neighbors and strangers in the hometown she calls "the Valley of the Politically Correct" still affectation a voyeuristic contentment in inquiring whether Tracey had taken the aftermost surgical footfall against attaining womanhood. In an abrupt twist, Benvenuto begin accomplishment with addition man. The claimed and moral complications in this book are many, but all accomplish for absorbing reading. A refreshingly bold anecdotal that offers a acute appearance of animal ability and a animal coming-of-age at midlife.          

What do you do when the other woman is your husband? A wife's memoir of her husband's sex changeChristine Benvenuto had been married for more than twenty years―with three young children―when her husband turned to her one night in bed and said "I'm thinking constantly about my gender." He was unhappy in his body and wanted to become a woman.Part memoir, part voyeur's look into a marriage, Sex Changes is a journey through the end of a marriage and out the other side. We see a woman, desperate to save her family and shelter her children, discover a well of strength and resilience she never knew she had. We learn what to tell the neighbors when your husband starts wearing heels with his shirts and ties. We see a woman open herself to a group of friends who travel with her through her darkest times, provide light and levity throughout―and who offer the opportunity to learn how to give as well as receive the love and support of true friendship. When she lost her husband to skirts and hormones, life made Chris a better woman. Sex Changes is the story of what one woman discovered about herself in the midst of the conflagration of her family. Fiercely funny, self-lacerating, and not entirely politically correct, Sex Changes is a journey of love and anguish told with hilarity, heartbreak and a lot of soul searching. It is about the mysteries in every marriage, the secrets we chose to keep, and the freedom that the truth can bring.

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