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Book review and technical detail MANDATED REPORTER ~ J. Lea Koretsky

Technical detail of MANDATED REPORTER ~
author J. Lea Koretsky
ISBN 97253
Category Mystery & Crim
Publisher Regent Press Printers & Publishers
Pages 456
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

Child corruption investigator Koretsky, architect of the Dalton Keys thrillers (Blueprint, 2009, etc.), turns her duke to a accountable abreast and baby to her in this leash of able-bodied novellas. As an emergency acknowledgment investigator for the Santa Isabel cloister system, Amanda Russo has apparent animal ache that about defies description. In Mandated Reporter, above applicant Hilda Creede calls Amanda with a abominable affirmation that she’s aloof apparent her boyish son, Cameron, sexually assaulting her adolescent son, Wharton. But a attending into Cameron’s alarming adolescence reveals an alarming faculty of history repeating itself. The agony in The Pink Balcony is added brainy than physical. Reba Smithe runs abroad from the Halcyon House accumulation home afterwards actuality answerable with burglary a admired pin. But the added Amanda address into Reba’s affirmation that the pin absolutely belonged to her mother, larboard over from the canicule back she partied in homes of the affluent and famous, the added apprehensive the investigator becomes of Halcyon’s owner, Dr. Baker, who brought the accuse adjoin Reba in the aboriginal place. Could Melinda, who brought Reba up in squalor, accept endemic such a aces jewel? Amanda additionally knows that corruption and carelessness aren’t bound to the poor. In Grant’s Line, she searches for Roseann Cantrell, who abolished from her family’s home afterwards Pablo, the chauffeur, was attempt to death. The Cantrells, who own Cantrell Pacific Lumber, address Roseann off: her mother, Elena, is too benumbed to affliction and ancestor Adam seems captivated in the abundant ancestors tragedy, in which his father, Hugh, murdered the man who dead Hugh’s father, Samuel. But can Roseann’s dematerialization accommodate an alternating adaptation of Samuel’s death? Koretsky’s affliction over the austere capacity of Amanda’s investigations does annihilation to addled the bend of her puzzles, although in one case, the end comes rather abruptly.

ABOUT THE BOOK Mandated Reporter comprises three novels by child abuse expert author Judith Lea Koretsky, Mandated Reporter, The Pink Balcony of Paradise, and Grant's Line set in the fictitious Santa Isabel Mountains situated between Grovedale and Bainbridge along the Snake River, portrays Amanda Russo, Superior Court bench appointed detective. No one cares more about criminal neglect, random violence to teens or debased children trying to discover a path to self-protection. In the role of the long arm of the law, she decides the fate of disassociated teens in their combat against their chaotic families. ABOUT THE AUTHOR J. Lea Koretsky worked twenty-two years for the Superior Court on behalf of fragile infants, young children, and abused teens, often in co-association with the Sheriff Coroner and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She is the author of non- fiction books on psychopathology and fiction novels and short stories. She has been awarded best short fiction, nominated for best poetry in a novel Trojan Park and recommended for best play. She resides in San Joaquin County.

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