Looking Forward to Christmas ~

Looking Forward to Christmas  ~

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Book review and technical detail Looking Forward to Christmas ~ Karen Meyer

Technical detail of Looking Forward to Christmas ~
Looking Forward to Christmas ~
author Karen Meyer
ISBN 96016
Category Religion
Publisher Xulon Press
Pages 36
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

It’s never too aboriginal to get accessible for Christmas, according to this active accumulating of angelic ballad for children. For Christians, the division of Advent is a time of preparation. So abundant is the joy and abstruseness of Jesus’ bearing that believers booty four abounding weeks to accessible themselves for that miracle. This abbreviate aggregate is accounting in the spirit of Advent; in it, Meyer (Hootch, 2015) gives readers ballad advised to advice accouchement adapt for the accession of babyish Jesus. Appropriately, then, her balladry are abbreviate and conspicuously readable. Take, as one example, “Baby Moses”: “Baby Moses was adored from a bad king, / Aloof as babyish Jesus was. / Moses grew up in a palace, in riches, / But he admired his bodies more. / Jesus, too, was rich, / But for us, He became poor. / Back He was with His disciples, He said / That He did not accept a abode to lay His head.” Meyer’s simple accent ensures that her bulletin won’t be absent on adolescent or old. Like “Baby Moses,” abounding added balladry in the accumulating booty on Old Testament themes. Thus, there are pieces actuality on aboriginal biblical heroes, amid them Adam and Eve’s son Seth; Abraham, architect of the covenant; and Israel’s abundant Baron David. In Meyer’s eyes, these Hebrew biblical standouts are important mainly because they pave the alley for Jesus. Yet the artist saves some of her best accent for Christ himself. In an aboriginal poem, she borrows a acclaimed allegory from the columnist of the Gospel of John to barrage the accession of the savior: “The Babyish in the bassinet is the Ablaze of the World. / He afar the black from the Light. / And back we bless the best celebrations of all, Being with our Savior in Heaven, / There will be no charge for sun or moon, For He will be the alone light.” Perhaps the alone declining of the aggregate is that there’s so little poetry. Meyer offers readers aloof 30-odd abrupt works, and the aftereffect is beneath a book than a pamphlet. Yet maybe she’s aloof afterward P.T. Barnum’s old maxim: consistently leave them absent more.  Accessible anniversary balladry for the adolescent set.

We look back to the birth of Jesus, but for centuries the people of God looked forward.  This book helps parents and teachers review with children how it was for those who looked forward and it helps to show why the celebration of Christmas is so significant. Written in poetic form, the short sections are titled to introduce the theme of each.

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