WE OWN THIS GAME ~ A Season in the Adult World of Youth Football

WE OWN THIS GAME  ~ A Season in the Adult World of Youth Football

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Book review and technical detail WE OWN THIS GAME ~ A Season in the Adult World of Youth Football Robert Andrew Powell

Technical detail of WE OWN THIS GAME ~ A Season in the Adult World of Youth Football
WE OWN THIS GAME ~ A Season in the Adult World of Youth Football
author Robert Andrew Powell
ISBN 92781
Category Entertainment & Sports
Publisher Atlantic Monthly Press
Pages 191
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

Local announcer Powell empathetically portrays the abundant amount shouldered by those complex with Pop Warner football in Miami.It may be for little kids, but it’s no baby potatoes in Greater Miami, area Pop Warner teams consistently acreage civic champions in all weight divisions. Powell was curious. What role did these teams comedy in the atomic big burghal in America? Why were so abounding teams composed abandoned of atramentous players, and why were they so serious? So he spent a year accessory practices, rallies, pre-games, games, and post-games, talking with players, coaches, and parents. Although the columnist is digging for a story, his anecdotal is added claimed than journalistic. Powell has actual bright and blatant opinions on the attributes of Miami’s Pop Warner. The positives are obvious: kids get to accept some fun in a abode area fun comes at a premium; they apprentice to comedy calm and focus their energies; the amateur accompany a little ablaze to decimated neighborhoods, advertise some above talent, and action one of the few anchorage out of poor, atramentous Miami. There are additionally the accepted problems of over-competitive coaches, parents who ambition to alive vicariously through their kids, and kids aloof dumped and left. But Pop Warner in Miami has a few added abnormally adverse features. One is the poaching of players from added neighborhoods, a askance trickling bottomward of professionalism to the sandlots; addition is the attendance of assemblage members, who bet and allurement and aren’t abashed to apart a few circuit if it will end a bold not activity their way. Throughout, Powell draws a aciculate account of Miami: one citizen tells him active there is “almost—not quite, but almost—like it was actuality atramentous in the fifties and the sixties”; addition explains that, politically, “in this town, if you’re not Cuban, you’re nothing.”A belly and absolute appearance makes readers feel the nap of a actual asperous abode in which to survive, let abandoned abound up.

Although its participants are still in grade school, Pop Warner football is serious business in Miami, where local teams routinely advance to the national championships. Games draw thousands of fans; recruiters vie for nascent talent; drug dealers and rap stars bankroll teams; and the stakes are so high that games sometimes end in gunshots. In Miami's poorest neighborhood, troubled parents dream of NFL stardom for children who long only for a week in Disney World at the Pop Warner Super Bowl. In 2001, award-winning journalist Robert Andrew Powell spent a year following two young teams through roller-coaster seasons. The Liberty City Warriors, former national champs, will suffer their first-ever losing season. The inner-city kids of the Palmetto Raiders, undefeated for two straight years, will be rewarded for good play with limo rides and steak dinners. But their flamboyant coach (the "Darth Vader of youth football") will face defeat in a down-to-the-wire play-off game. We Own This Game is an inside-the-huddle look into a world of innocence and corruption, where every kickoff bares political, social, and racial implications. It is an unforgettable drama that shows us just what it means to win and to lose in America.

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