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Book review and technical detail VIOLIN DREAMS ~ Arnold Steinhardt

Technical detail of VIOLIN DREAMS ~
author Arnold Steinhardt
ISBN 92458
Category Entertainment & Sports
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pages 255
Publishing Date 1st January, 1970

Book Reviews:

The Guarneri String Quartet’s aboriginal violinist capacity his six-decade affair with the instrument.Steinhardt (Indivisible by Four, 1998) begins with a dream, or rather a nightmare, comically illustrating his abhorrence that he doesn’t apperceive abundant about the violin, alike admitting he has adherent his activity to it. This access additionally introduces readers to Bach’s Chaconne, the aftermost movement of the D Accessory Partita, generally played as a violin solo. This piece, we after learn, aggressive the columnist to become a violinist and has apparitional him for best of his assuming career. As he relates his aisle from afraid adolescent to conservatory apprentice to touring performer, the Chaconne makes several appearances; anniversary time, Steinhardt is able to use contest in his activity to accretion new acumen into the work, culminating with a amazing achievement in an absurd and animating accustomed concert hall. The columnist provides an central attending at the ambitious and aerial activity of a able musician: hours of circadian practice, block the dream of affairs the absolute violin, the blackmail of a acutely accessory but career-ending abrasion consistently in the aback of the mind. But Steinhardt alone narrates this tale. Its protagonists are the violins that access and leave his activity as he searches for the one apparatus that will aftermath the complete he has spent a lifetime developing. He refers to his wife and accouchement alone a few times, usually in passing, while the markings, ancestry and complete of the assorted violins ample paragraphs. Steinhardt’s affection is acutely contagious; alike the apprenticed will flavor the abstruse sections for their revelations about the accord amid career aerialist and instrument. By the final chapter, readers may acquisition themselves analytic for acclimated violins—or at atomic for recordings of Bach by some of the allegorical artists Steinhardt invokes.A backstage canyon to the activity of an able abandoned and ensemble musician, captivated calm by arduous adulation of music.

“A rapturous, witty, and passionate memoir ... Violin Dreams is not only the story of a man becoming an artist, it’s a history of twentieth-century music.” — John Guare, Tony Award–winning playwrightArnold Steinhardt, for more than forty years an international soloist and the first violinist of the Guarneri String Quartet, brings warmth, wit, and fascinating insider details to the story of his lifelong obsession with the violin, that most seductive and stunningly beautiful instrument. His story is rich with vivid scenes: the terror inflicted by his early violin teachers, the sensual pleasure involved in the pursuit of the perfect violin, the charged atmosphere of high-level competitions. Steinhardt describes Bach’s Chaconne as the holy grail for the solo violin, and he illuminates, from the perspective of an ardent owner of a great Storioni violin, the history and mysteries of the renowned Italian violinmakers. Violin Dreams includes a remarkable CD recording of Steinhardt performing Bach’s Partita in D Minor as a young violinist forty years ago and playing the same piece especially for this book. A conversation between the author and Alan Alda on the differences between the two performances is included in the liner notes.

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